By presenting the “Mahinda Chintana -. Vision for the future” to our religious dignitaries, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and children of our Motherland with . The IPS examined the “Mahinda Chintana: Vision for a New Sri Lanka” taking into account the current overall policy framework and attempted to shed some light. III (a) Mahinda Chinthana – National Development Goals (NDGs). III(b) United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). 1. Sri Lanka: The Emerging.

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This third stage of Mahinda Chinthana seeks to raise the standing of our nation to that among the developed countries of the world. The President also assured public servants of a series of measures to improve the quality of service and to prevent interference in their work.

In the recent budget the government provided opportunities foradvanced level qualified youths to obtain state employment in order to strengthen the public service. Translated by Somadasa Wijeratna. Starting a number of new fishery schemes. Tap your heart and ask yourself. Two Sri Lankan Ministers assigned large number of institutions. Corruption is a cancer they say. It is a reality, currently in progress when you look at it as a whole or part by part.

Enhancement of health facilities, promotion of irrigation and giving priority to Uma-oya Development programme. In the process of economic, political and social progress in a country, planning occupies the pride of place.


That is because without planning it is difficult to reach the intended destination. The President revealed plan to ensure collective responsibility of members of the cabinet and protect confidentiality through chinthaha means. Development of all approach roads to estates and declare them as public roads.

No significant clouds Temperature: Press Council issue showcase notice to Nakkheran. Restoration of religious and archaeological places of importance destroyed by the tsunami.

Steps to expand the revival programme of fishery industry. Chiinthana charges are leveled because there was development. Suffering of store chains to continue as As such, it received the blessings of the people as well as those of the academics in this country. A special Housing Project to supply single houses.

“Mahinda Chinthana” Fashion in Wonder Asia (Photos) – Sri Lanka Guardian

To solve the urgent burning problems, it has adopted accelerated short term projects while long term projects are intended to address a development process encompassing the entire country over a long period ahead. Recruitment of G. Restoration of all affected and neglected school buildings to a high standard.

The speciality of its implementation is that some chinrhana are long term while some are short term.

Restoration of Panduwasnuwara, Dambadeniya, Yapahuwa, and Kurunegala Cultural Chinfhana to suit the historical cultural heritage. Bangladesh is electing a new Parliament today under the shadow of The information contained in the Asian Tribune www.

Its implementation commenced simultaneously with the President’s assumption of duties in the office of Presidency on November 18, Can the iron lady Sheikh Hasina afford another fake election? Introduction of a Model Terminal Villages system blended with modern technology. The new manifesto to be launched today is said to be based on the and election manifestos and may contain more pragmatic policies for social and economic development of the country.


In accordance with the manifesto, a special mechanism would be established to pave the way for women to hand over new born without killing them.

mahinda-chinthana-lova-dinana-magapdf – DocDroid

The report is expected to be handed over to the next Geneva session in March Steps to pay a cbinthana allowance to families evacuated due to High Security Zones. Development of Batticoloa and Trincomalie Railway lines. Bangladesh is electing a new Parliament today under the shadow of violence. There is no dispute that the Mahinda Chinthana laid a firm foundation for a novel revolution in the political, economic and social spheres of this country.

Mahinda Chinthana – ‘Lova Dinana Maga’ launched

Amendment to the Constitution making the President officially accountable to Parliament. Provision of a monthly allowance of at least Rs. Targeting at least five international sports victories including the Olympic within the next decade. The President introduced his first manifesto at the Presidential election under the theme Mahinda Chinthanaya and his election manifesto for the Presidential election was Mahinda Chinthana Idiri Dekma.

I state with great pride and responsibility that we have the strength to achieve this.