A website blog about papercraft and scale paper model. Model making using paper or card board. Loki Helmet Papercraft. Thursday, 12 July Rauf Raphanus Mask and Costume. E-mail · Print. Download. Loki Helmet Papercraft. Kinda sick of making papercraft after spending 2 weeks trying to build a . some times I just google ‘papercraft loki helmet’ and look up all the.

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After priming, several coats of paint were sprayed. Loki has a lot of different pieces of armor depending on what you are using as source material. So, after all the foam pieces were covered, detailed, and formed, everything was coated in about 5 layers of wood glue.

I was lucky enough that one of the comic book shops in the area carries it — so I popped over and picked up a large sheet. Just foam, superglue, and more plastic jewels.

Avengers – Loki Helmet Papercraft Free Download

I am not sure if there is any difference between the two colors — but the blue foam worked just fine. After this whole thing, I can honestly say that I have so much more respect for people who do this on a regular basis. Anywho… the process of covering was largely the same for most of the pieces of armor. After a bit of back and forth with my wife about how overboard we were willing to go with it, we set about making plans. Basically, you have to go back and forth between the two horns doing a bit of work, then looking at the other horn and replicating the work you just did.

It comes in sheets of various sizes and can be purchased online at many different places.

Considering that none of the pieces of armor that I created were even remotely smooth, the roughness really shows up in the final pieces. Cut it super close — but pulled it off. In the end, my wife wound up making the majority of the leather and cloth bits while my main focus was on the armor and helmet. So, to all of you who have inspired, my hat is off to you — and if I ever am pspercraft enough to meet you, drinks are on me for all your help in making my little girl happy!


As Helmte mentioned earlier, most of the rest of the costume was done by my wife. I had a leather coat hanging in the closet that had managed to get a hole in it a few years back, so the decision was made that this coat would get cut up and become all of the leather pieces for the costume.

Loki Helmet Papercraft

To do this, I screwed some drywall anchors into the base of the horns and drilled a couple of holes in the headpiece and simply screwed the horns in. Not a single picture was taken.

Everywhere that I found online suggests using the pink type of foam, but all I could find at my local hardware store was blue. The shoulder piece was the trickiest part — primarily because I strayed from the formula. As bad as I was about taking in-progress shots, she was worse. Hopefully that makes some sense. loli

Loki Cosplay – Halloween — Shawn Rabensburg

Before and after sanding. I decided I wanted to add a gem or something in the center of the crown — something to add a bit of visual interest.

Worbla is pretty easy to cut pxpercraft a decent pair of scissors, but it is easier if you heat it first. In retrospect, I should have gotten the quick cure stuff cause the stuff I bought had a 24 hour cure time.

The absolute most logical thing ever.

The shoulder piece was tricky. Where we live it gets pretty cold on Halloween, so the inside of the coat was lined with green fleece and cotton. I ran out to the hobby shop and picked up some clear resin and a large candy mold sheet that was all different gem sizes and shapes.


Marvel – Loki Helmet Life Size Papercraft Free Download

This would at least give me some frame of reference for outlining later on when the papercarft was covered. I only got about 4 coats of gesso added to the actual headpiece — and it shows. Honestly even the word loi seems a bit too kind as this was my first real go at doing anything like this using these materials. The horns are made of foam. I am a huge cosplay fan and have always wanted to try my hand at making something that looked cool out of foam and Worbla.

So I dremeled out all the holes and simply superglued in the other eyelets. So, my daughter Lily decided earlier this year that she wanted to be Loki for Halloween.

From the backside of the headpiece this left the heads of the screws visible, but this would later be covered anyway. I think the end result looks cool, but to be honest it is not anywhere near what the film version has it looking like.

It was tempting to just make some basic horns and go from there, but the way the horns curve is pretty distinctive and I wanted to replicate it as much as possible.

The raised bumps were made using some of those little plastic jewels that you can find at hobby stores — everything else is just foam and superglue.