Buy Logic 2Rev Ed by Wilfrid Hodges (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. How do you define logic? Logic is about consistency – but not about all types of consistency. For example, if a man supports Aresenal one day and Spurs the. Wilfrid Augustine Hodges, FBA (born 27 May ) is a British mathematician, known for his Hodges was President of the British Logic Colloquium, of the European Association for Logic, Language and Information and of the Division of .

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Why modern logic took so long to arrivethree lectures for Cameleon, March Wason’s Selection Task 5. The syllogisms themselves are not so interesting; Ibn Sina’s strategy for dealing with the error is a masterly application of the ‘new branch of formal logic’ described in the previous item. Alongside the practical examples, readers learn what can and can’t be calculated; for example the correctness of a derivation proving a given sequent can be tested mechanically, but there is no general mechanical test for the existence of wikfrid derivation proving the given sequent.

His teaching experience dates back to when he was a teaching fellow at the University of Michigan.

Mathematical Logic Ian Chiswell and Wilfrid Hodges Oxford Texts in Logic Assuming no previous study in logic, this informal yet rigorous text covers the material of a standard undergraduate first course in mathematical logic, using natural deduction and leading up to the completeness theorem for first-order logic. The proof is in two papers; one of them has appearedand the other is in preparation the end is in sight.

Also at present there is some stuff here that I now think is either badly focused or plain wrong, and as time allows I will clear it out.


I think if the chapter was extended a little bit more, it would have been definitely a 5-stars book!! James Robinson rated it did not like it Oct 02, A more user-friendly book is in preparation too but will come later. A draft paper with accompanying talk which attempts to collect together Ibn Sina’s assumptions about sentence structure from his logical writings.

My CV is here.

Logic : Wilfrid Hodges :

Architectural questions about theories of sentence and word meaningsBristol October It might be perfect for people whose main interest isn’t math or logic but a related field, e. How Boole broke through the top syntactic level. A list wklfrid my publications is here.

The text is important for establishing Ibn Sina’s links with the earlier tradition, in particular Theophrastus and Alexander. Indirect proofs and lobic from assumptions. The history of model theory.

Tom Dop rated it really liked it Sep 08, Model theory as Peacock’s revenge. Jan 28, K rated it liked it. From this starting point, and assuming no previous knowledge of logic, Wilfrid Hodges takes the reader through the whole gamut of logical expressions in a simple and wilrfid way.

The Best Books of Aug 28, Tony rated it liked it Shelves: I comment on his discussion and argue that parts of it should count today as linguistics rather than logic. It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. This includes preliminary translations of Qiyas ii. Part 3 When is a sentence true?: But one thing seems to be original in him, namely the distinction between ‘Possibly every A is a B’ and ‘Every A is possibly a B’.

Logic: An Introduction to Elementary Logic

Though I take responsibility for the contents, I checked them with my wife who is a professional psychologist. Also with this kind of material, raw translations without commentary have limited value. A revised version will appear as hodegs appendix to a forthcoming book on the philosophy of model theory by Tim Button and Sean Walsh.


The system describes the logical relationships between some sentences with two or three independent quantifiers, that Ibn Sina discusses in a number of places. Caleb rated it really liked it Oct 12, The choice of semantics as a methodological question.

Hodges is a good logician, with many philosophical sensitivities – this hoges in his brief treatment of various ‘controversial’ or ‘bizarre’ aspects of contemporary logic. Now fully revised and updated, Wilfrid Hodges’ accessible study wilrid the essential text for anyone who wants to learn about elementary logic. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience.

Books by Wilfrid Hodges. Galen at least indicated the problem, and Alexander of Aphrodisias applied some sticking plaster to the gap pointed out by Galen. Mathematical logic Short model theory courseJohannesburg December It’s clear that he would not have hodgez any formal calculus for the purpose. Matthew Barnard rated it it was amazing May 26, Burley’s “Purity of Logic”‘ refers to a checklist of consequentiae in Burley’s book.

Sometimes a topic was mentioned, the minimal amount of information is then given when I thought more information would have helped to come to understand the topic better, I guess I wanted a bit more than an introduction.