Description, Low Drop Fixed And Adjustable Positive Voltage Regulators. Company, ST Microelectronics, Inc. Datasheet, Download LDA datasheet. VOLTAGE REGULATORS. ▫. DESCRIPTION. The UTC LD/A is a low dropout, 3-terminal positive voltage regulator designed to provide output current up to. C. DESCRIPTION. The LDA and LDB are two LOW. DROP Voltage Regulator able to provide respectively up to mA and mA of.

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Mistake V O max. Distributor Name Region Stock Min. Battery Backed-up Regulated Supply. Voltage Regulator With Reference.

Datasheet «LD1117A»

In order to have the better load regulation it is. I ADJ is 60?

Product is in volume production 0. However, STMicroelectronics assumes no responsibility for the consequences. ST Code of Conduct Blog. In particular R1 connection. F unless otherwise specified. Only a very common 10? Getting started with eDesignSuite 5: Product is in design feasibility stage.


Support Center Complete list and gateway to support services and resource pools. Functional operation under these condition is. No commitment taken to produce Proposal: From figure 7 we. Product is in design stage Target: Who We Are Management. IoT for Smart Things. Product is in volume production Evaluation: Media Subscription Media Contacts. Low drop fixed and adjustable positive voltage regulators. Add new Part Number General terms and conditions. Surface mounted packages optimize the thermal characteristics while offering a relevant space saving advantage.

Communications Equipment, Computers and Peripherals.

Circuit for Increasing Output Voltage. Support Center Video Center. STMicroelectronics products are not. R1 and R2 resistors. Concerning fixed versions, are offered the.

Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values beyond which damage to the device may occur. Product is in volume production. Marketing proposal for customer feedback. In fixed versions, the following output voltages are offered: STMicroelectronics group of companies. Product is under characterization. Operating Junction Temperature Range. Key Features Low dropout voltage: In normal application R2 value is in the range of.


LDA – Low drop fixed and adjustable positive voltage regulators – STMicroelectronics

Limited Engineering samples available Preview: No availability reported, please contact our Sales office. Please contact our sales support for information on specific devices. Information furnished is believed to be accurate and reliable.

No commitment taken to design or produce NRND: Computers and Peripherals Data Center. Pin Connection top view.