Family Name: Arecaceae (Palmae). Synonyms: Acanthophoenix dendroformis, Latania glaucophylla. Common Names: Blue Latan Palm. Latania loddigesii. Blue Latan Palm. The Blue Latan Palm is one of the best ornamental fan palms. While young plants have beautiful red petioles and leaf. Latania loddigesii is endangered; a few mature specimens survive, but it is by far the most abundant tree species Latania on Round Island. The number of young.

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Seed which germinate in about 30 days if fresh and with bottom heat.

Two other trees, the Bottle palm Mascarena revaughanii and a Hurricane palm Dictyosperma album both formely numerose latsnia now reduced to very few individuals. All images copyright of the artists and photographers see images for credits. Put each seed in a mid-sized to large pot 6″ minimum. Prune diseased, damaged or drying fronds, but do not prune if the frond still has some green colour.

It is a very tough and adaptable palm that enjoys sun, heat and dry conditions. Many Special Thanks to Ed Vaile for his long hours of tireless editing and numerous contributions. Solitary, upright stems to 10 m tall and up to 25 cm in diameter, bulging at the base of the stem, with irregular, slightly raised leaf scar rings on a dark grayish background.

At seedling it has spinny red margins leaves like the pandanus and blue-gray leaves and light green branches with redish edge. Sunshine coast, Queensland, Australia.


A shade screen patio will provide an excellent environment for young specimens which can eventually be planted in a sunny location. Cook See all synonyms of Latania loddigesii. These palms are relatively fast in the tropics and within years are grey. The fruits are similar to those of a peach latanai apricot in that a woody “pit” with a textured surface encloses a smooth, almond-shaped seed.

The inch-wide trunks have thick, swollen bases. No other vegetation is found except sparse tufts of Portulaca oleracea and Nicotian tabacum. Common name blue latan palm. This small, slow-growing, solitary palm is closely related and often confused with Bismarckia nobilis from Madagascar. Downloaded on 21 August Post a comment about this plant.

Retrieved from ” http: It is the most vigorous and robust of the three species in the genus and will thrive in a position in full sun in most tropical and frost-free subtropical areas. Cook Loddigesiu glaucophylla Hort.

Latania loddigesii – Wikipedia

The edge of a blue latan palm forest, showing the bare, eroded, coast lwtania compacted volcanic ash. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in.

Tolerates full sun from a very young age. Photo by timrann – Mauritius Island. Additional comments Occasionally cultivated in Hawaii. Red Latania on left and ,oddigesii on right. Solitary, upright stems to 10 m tall and up to 25 cm in diameter, bulging at the base of the stem, with irregular, slightly raised leaf scar rings on a dark grayish background.


In areas where summer rain is prevalent, it seems to put on rapid growth with this ample water, but it does not want to sit in continually wet, loddigezii soil.

On Jan 23,timrann from Other, Mauritius wrote: This palm is closely related to the Bismarckia palm from Madagascar.

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Distribution Native to Mascarene Islands. Mauritius Day Gecko on top.

Prefers full sun from a very young age but will tolerate loedigesii day sun. A very tough and adaptable plant. I happen to have all 3 colors as small palms. Inflorescences with male flowers shorter to 1 m long and have more branches than those with female flowers to 2 m long.

May be confused with Bismarkia nobilis is also a solitary, erect palm with waxy, blue-green costapalmate leaves, but its hastula is asymetrical and spoon-shaped. Petiole smooth and sharp-edged or armed with minute teeth along the margin near its base, and the hastula is flat and somewhat arrow-shaped.

Identifying Commonly Cultivated Palms

After a few days the sinker turns into the soil again and checks the soil. If it is too narrow, germination stops. The leaf color is a pale waxy blue to blue-green with dense, pale, wooly floccose tomentum on the underside.