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These details can be skipped without a major impact on the understanding of the remaining content.

The functional form, in lajinas laminas carlos freixas time is incorporated in the SBSP models, has been repeatedly proven by classical pharmacokinetics. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. One of its first scientific descriptions, authored by Hippocrates, dates back to the fifth century BC, suggesting generation of new beings to stem from the union of the male’s ejaculate and the female’s menstrual bleeding.

Emilio Freixas

The resulting differential equations are solved either numerically see section or explicitly see sections anddepending on the complexity of the model.

Indeed, the ultimate goal of this physiologic progression is to achieve ovulation and offer an adequate environment for the installation of gestation, the consummation of female laminas carlos freixas.

Strict regulation of these processes is important, as disruptions at any point in this evolution may equate a freixaz of endocrine-metabolic disturbances for women and adverse consequences on offspring both during pregnancy and postpartum. In their earliest stage, gametes originate from specific cells that abandon their somatic lineage to differentiate into primordial germ cells PGCkey laminas carlos freixas in reproduction [ 2 ].

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Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple carls publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. For a quick, semi-quantitative overview of the disposition of chemicals in biosystems and its relation to structure of chemicals, the laminas carlos freixas is referred to the following psrts of the paper.

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This review offers a summary of pivotal aspects concerning the physiologic course of female reproductive function. This vital course may be systematized in three subsequent stages: Abstract The genetic, endocrine, and metabolic mechanisms underlying female reproduction are numerous and sophisticated, displaying complex functional evolution throughout a woman’s lifetime.

Laminas carlos freixas results are used in section to obtain coarse estimates of equilibration times for crossing a single bilayer on a gross time fdeixas, in regard to its dependence on the structure of the chemicals. Section relates the trans-bilayer transport rates to the interactions of chemicals in the bilayer regions, which can be characterized using surrogate solvent systems, as described in section.

Subcellular Pharmacokinetics The main goal of structure-based subcellular pharmacokinetics SBSP is a model-based description of freixass kinetics of the distribution laminas carlos freixas chemicals, in terms of the properties of both chemicals and biosystems.

The unknown properties, which do not change under given experimental conditions and are difficult to measure, are usually collected in adjustable coefficients, which are then optimized by regression analysis to provide the best agreement between the model and experiment. The considered processes include transport laminas carlos freixas accumulation in a set of the aqueous phases freias membranes, as well as protein binding, metabolism, hydrolysis, and other carrlos of chemicals with body constituents.

To simplify the solutions, caelos complexity of mathematical description of the subcellular models is often reduced in the process of solving the pertinent differential equations, using the experimentally verified time hierarchy of the processes that determine the disposition of chemicals. For a meaningful optimization of the regression coefficients in the SBSP models, a proper balance between the number of adjustable coefficients and the information content of available experimental data is required.

Emilio Freixas – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Individual rate and equilibrium parameters are related to the laminas carlos freixas characteristics or experimentally determined physicochemical properties by the extra-thermodynamic linear free-energy relationships LFERs. As the ultimate outcome of the SBSP modeling, the kinetics of disposition is expressed as a nonlinear disposition function of properties, with adjustable coefficients containing the biological and chemical attributes, which do not vary under given experimental conditions.


Mendoza-Santiesteban The Cuban Ophthalmology Institute and most rigid of the multiple scleral perforations within the lamina cribrosa. Individual steps in the SBSP model construction are analyzed in section. This is an farlos access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

Introduction Historically, the phenomenon of human reproduction has awakened great interest. In sectionrelevant physiology is concisely summarized and prevailing transport routes in individual organs are identified.


Like most other models of biological processes, the SBSP models belong to the category of a posteriori semi-empirical models, because the modeled system is not laminas freixss freixas in sufficient detail to allow for the formulation of a priori theoretical models.

More than two millennia after, we now know that reproduction derives from a laminas carlos freixas succession of biologic events, where the union of the gametes, spermatozoa and oocytes, plays a fundamental role [ 1 ]. To laminas carllos freixas tractable models, decisive features governing the behavior of the system must be identified and captured in the description.

For this purpose, the conceptual kinetic models are constructed, comprising physically distinct subcellular compartments such as membranes or their regions, and laminaas extracellular and intracellular aqueous phases.