Claude Debussy. La cathédrale engloutie, prelude for piano, L. /10 (/10). Composition Information ↓; Description ↓; Appears On ↓. Share on. facebook. Debussy, Claude La Cathedrale Engloutie (Preludes Book 1 no) midi file for Piano (midi) – La cathédrale engloutie. (). by Claude A Debussy, Colin Matthews. Description: Debussy, orchestrated by Colin Matthews; Duration: 5; Genres: Full.

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Sections of Debussy’s piece are also used in the introduction and final of Renaissance ‘s song At the Harbourfrom their album Ashes Are Burning. This page was last edited on 21 Decemberat All versions agree that Dahut does not escape her fate. Moli, Accessed March 17, This mode holds until measure 7, beginning a short section using the same mode now in C. This prelude is typical of Debussy’s compositional characteristics.

The Story of Debussy’s “The Sunken Cathedral” | Parker Symphony Orchestra

Naxos Javascript not enabled. Motif 1 is also heard in a soprano voice from measure Also performers create a ringing bell sound by instantly releasing pedaled notes. Debussy masterfully saturates the entire structure of the piece with these motifs in large- and small-scale ways. Then after a section marked Augmentez progressivement Slowly growingthe cathedral emerges and the grand organ is heard with a powerful fortissimo.

This is quite different from simple melodic doubling, like the 3rds in Voilesor the 5ths in La Merwhich are not usually heard alone without a significant accompanimental figure.


La cathédrale engloutie – Wikipedia

After three bars, it modulates to Eb pentatonic, continuing the same thematic idea, again for three bars. For example, motif 1 appears in the bottom of the right-hand chords on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarter notes of measure 14 D-E-Band again in fathedrale next three quarter note beats D-E-B. A selection of his HMV recordings from enyloutie MP3 file audio User: Much of the work’s impact derives from the extreme, effective economy of its material.

His Life and Mindvolume 2. Piano by the Sea: These chords bring to mind two things: For example, some performers use their full body weight to depress keys to create a rich sound. Remaining in Cit skips to material from the beginning of B, and continues with this material until bar 67, modulating briefly through E and G minor pentatonic.

King Gradlon escapes and takes refuge in Quimper which becomes the cthedrale capital. Whole-tone scales and pentatonic harmonies provide the musical substance of this mysterious and evocative tone poem.

Measure 15 marks the beginning of a new formal section, A, beginning in B major pentatonic, made distinct by eighth note triplets in the left hand.

Debussy depicts cathrdrale barren winter snowscape with a plaintive, harmonically static dirge. The melodic statement here in C major is the climax of the piece.

Préludes, Livre 1 (Debussy, Claude)

Suite bergamasque for piano No; Mer No Meditative Melodies from East and West. Music Menlo From Bach, Vol.

Reflections on Time and Mortality. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully.


Performer Pages Heather W. A quintessential example of musical impressionismthe piece depicts the rise of a cathedral from the water and subsequent return to the depths — complete with bells chiming, priests chanting, and organ playing. April Learn how and when to remove this template message. englutie

The exact reason why Ys became submerged in the sea varies. Macmillan, An American Virtuoso on the World Stage.

Ys was a mythical city said to have been on the coast of Brittany Northwest France in the Bay of Douarnenez. Most depict Gradlon as a pious, devoted king and father who was the holder of the only key to the city gate.

Dances of the Polovetzki Maidens; Debusssy Tomita Live In New York. Apparently a re-engraving of the Durand score above.

In some versions, Princess Dahut holds a secret banquet for her lover and the two, drunk with wine, steal the key from her father and open the gates, letting the waters flood in. A Spaniard wooing his sweetheart with the sounds of his voice and his guitar is thwarted by several noisy interruptions. You may ask me for a manually cleaned version. The cathedral then sinks back down into the ocean and the organ is heard once more, but this time from under water.