Lectures on Calvinism [Abraham Kuyper] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Kuyper presents Calvinism as a life-system of comprehensive. Lectures on Calvinism. Abraham Kuyper. PAPERBACK; Published: 10/4/ ISBN: Price: $ Pages. Trim Size, in inches: X . Kuyper closed his lectures with a claim that for many today sounds preposterous. Do not write him off. Get the book Lectures on Calvinism, and test these words.

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Whenever different spheres clash, to compel mutual regard for the boundary-lines of each; 2.

Calvinism: Six Stone-lectures

Kuyper was the Prime Minister of Netherlands and a reformed theologian. Paperbackpages. Paul also testifies that all things kuypwr created by Christ and consist by him;” and further, that the object of the work of redemption is not limited to the salvation of individual sinners, but extends itself to the redemption of the o, and to the organic reunion of all things in heaven and on earth under Christ as their original head.

I have reference to that which is thus expressed by Prof. Thus no States would have existed, but only one organic world-empire, with God as its King; exactly what is prophesied for kuyyper future which awaits us, when all sin shall have disappeared. Lectures on Calvinism is an important book. Page after page of philosophical lecturws poured out of Kuyper’s.

Further Calvin has expressly stated that authority, as such, is in no way affected by the question how a government is instituted and in what form it calvinixm itself. This is the doctrine of Election. Good insights as to Kuyper’s thoughts on Christianity and Western Civilization. And yet he does not hesitate to state, in an ideal sense, that the most desirable conditions exist, where the people itself chooses its own magistrates.

The sphere of State stands itself under the majesty of the Lord. Hiervoor gebruikt hij Hegel, die hij naar mijn mening volledig verkeerd begrijpt. Now against all this, Calvinism opposed itself, not to contend against priesthood on principle, or against altars as such, or against sacrifice in itself, because the office of priest cannot perish, and everyone knowing the fact of sin realizes in his own heart, the absolute need of a propitiatory sacrifice, but in order to do away with all this worldly paraphernalia, and to call believers to lift up their eyes again, on high, to the real sanctuary, where Christ, our only priest, ministers at the only real altar.


There the Jews were hospitably received; there the Lutherans were in honor levtures the Mennonites flourished; and even the Arminians and Roman Catholics. His chapter on art is almost wholly vitiated by calvinidm gnostic idea that higher sorts of wors Has the virtue of elaborating a single powerful theme: Some excellent points, but overall it grieved me.

Kuyper beschrijft het ontstaan van de leer van Johannes Calvijn, en betrekt meerdere denkers zoals Luther en Erasmus daarbij. I’m a Calvinist, albeit of the Anglican variety.

Lectures on Calvinism: The Stone Lectures of 1898

For this very reason, they recognized, in these three, the Rubicon which no true Calvinist could cross without sacrificing his earnestness to dangerous mirth, and the fear of the Lord to often far from spotless pleasures. Mainly because of bad caricatures of Calvinism and because of most hating the thought of having a “system” by a man that one follows.

But in whatever form this mystical being of the State revealed itself, the idea remained supreme: And here I repeat the underlying characteristic of Calvinism must be sought, not in what it has adopted from the past, but in what it has newly created. And this one-sided, inharmonious conception in the course of time has led more than one sect to a mystic worshipping of Christ alone, to the exclusion of God the Father Almighty, maker of heaven and earth.

Meanwhile there is in this respect a noteworthy difference between States which are absolutely governed by a monarch, and States which are governed constitutionally; or in a republic, in a still wider range, by an extensive assembly. Also, if you go with Eerdmans they include a really fascinating biographical note on Kuyper, which makes you appreciate his trip to America even more. He is not a racist, but has his own odd Darwinian ideas about progress via “the mingling of blood”.

But on the other hand it must be admitted that Calvinism, by praising aloud liberty of conscience, has in principle abandoned every absolute characteristic of the visible Church. This need of the personal liberty of conscience, however, does not immediately assert itself.

All together they form the life of creation, in accord with the ordinances of creation, and therefore are organically developed. Interesting connections and arguments for the impact of Calvinism on our modern world. Kuyper beschrijft het ontstaan van de leer van Johannes Calvijn, en betrekt Abraham Kuyper, voorvechter van het Nederlandse calvinisme en oprichter van de Anti-Revolutionaire Partij voorloper van CDAbeschrijft in deze zes lezingen zijn visie op het Calvinisme in religie, in kunst, lecturex de staat, in de geschiedenis, in de wetenschap en in de toekomst.


The Stone Lectures on Calvinism

The Calvinist upholds kuypwr highest and best in our aspirations by placing every man and every people before the face of our Father in heaven. Toch is het jammer dat Kuyper, een erg intelligente man niettemin, zo veel refereert naar de grootsheid Gods en dat de wil van de mens geproduceerd wordt door God.

My one critique is that he goes too far in crediting Calvinism with ideas that were more broadly Protestant i.

He takes cognizance of the kutper of sin, which erstwhile was juggled away inand which now, in pessimistic extravagance, is accounted the essence of our being. The French Revolution is in principle distinct from all these national revolutions, which were undertaken with praying lips and with caalvinism in the help of God.

I was amazed by how many points Kuyper raises that I thought were more recent ideas. Man is created from man, and by virtue of his birth he is organically united with the whole race. So much for the facts. The duty of the government to extirpate every form of false religion and idolatry was not a find of Calvinism, but dates from Constantine the Great, and was the reaction against the horrible persecutions which his pagan predecessors on the imperial throne had inflicted upon kuyperr sect of the Nazarene.

The Law here has to indicate the rights of each, and the rights of the citizens over their own purses must remain the invincible bulwark against the abuse of power on the part of the government. With his understanding of the activity of God over all ledtures, it makes total sense that he’d help to develop the doctrine.