Whether as mineral supplement or as a pure medium, PERLIGRAN®, made from pure and natural perlite, enables the optimal growth of a multitude of delicate. Knauf Aquapanel GmbH. Kipperstrasse Dortmund, Germany Phone: ( 49) Fax: (49) [email protected] Premium Perligran by Knauf; No fine dust since it is sieved out; Grain size: 2 – 6 mm L; Soil improver; RHP grade seal.

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But perlite not only has excellent insulating properties, perlire can also be used in many other areas of application; for example, in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Seismic Design Sustainability is a great opportunity Family businesses like Knauf think and act in the long-term, they are flexible, have short decision-making procedures, a flat hierarchy and trust their staff to take on responsibilities at an early stage.

Five varieties for healthy root growth. Please enter your last name. Our ability to contribute to the completion of a building project.

If pot plant substrates are used, they remain loose longer. The RHP certificate guarantees compliance with the highest standards of product safety, purity, quality assurance, weed control and research and development. It is the result of decades of hard work and consistently high quality. Thank you very much for confirming your contact details. Yes, I would like to receive a newsletter about current topics and products by e-mail.

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Knauf Aquapanel

Please enter your company. Please enter your position. This site uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience. The Field of Expertise: By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Language selection Which language peelite you speak? When added to a wet soil with insufficient aeration, it becomes lighter, more structured, and thus more permeable to air and water.

These products continue to form an ideal basis for any type of levelling perite insulation filling, insulation materials, and aggregates for the industry.

We have sent an e-mail to. At the same time, it ensures good drainage and prevents waterlogging. We will contact you immediately. Prlite enter your fax number. Please enter your street address. Please enter your city.

knuf I agree to the privacy policy. I agree to the privacy policy. Customer-friendly, highly motivated employees and continuously new, innovative products for dry walling are the highlights of Knauf Aquapanel. A special quality of the raw perlite from Milos is its specific crystal-water content, which makes it highly expandable.

Precious young plants and professional crop are thus protected against the influences of harmful organisms contained in the soil. Unfortunately there is a technical problem at the moment. This eliminates the possibility of unfortunate incidents in professional horticulture crop.

By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Please enter your mobile number. Visit our German homepage or email us if you have any questions.

Do you have a question about our products? Or do you wish a meeting in person? Thanks to its uniform expansion and low dust content, perlite is particularly well suited to all types of fill and mortar and is offered in its pure form as well as enhanced for specific applications — coated with paraffin, silicone or special bitumen, for instance.


You are only one step away! Please try again at a later time. This can reduce the need for frequent watering and prevent damage from drying. Unfortunately there is a technical knauff at the moment. Order it directly here. Make your selection of the desired screening grade and grain size. You have selected the language English.

Expanded perlite AQUAPANEL LEVELLING FILL By Knauf Italia

Especially if they occur more than once and in geographically sensitive perrlite, earthquakes are capable of negatively impacting the basic structure of a building in the long term — in the worst case, without the knowledge of the inhabitants or users.

For example, it is used for newly planted greens on golf courses to help grass roots anchor better in perltie ground and for high-traffic green spaces such as parks and sports fields to strengthen the soil.

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