His wife was Anna, his name was John Ernst Worrell Keely and I believe they had at least one son. It would be interesting to track any relatives. John Keely was probably the best inventor of all times in my opinion. Nikola Tesla was probably second to John in my view. John Keely got to the very heart of. H2O EXTRACTS GAS AND ATTRACTS MONEY. Born in Philadelphia on September 3, , John Ernst Worrell Keely worked various jobs as.

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Keely’s theories were featured prominently in the book Gods of Eden by Andrew Collins, in relation to the theoretical use of SVP-based devices as jojn of levitation. Little was done to advance this study untilwhen D. Keely Nearing the End It was announced from Philadelphia on the 17th of March that the Keely motor was practically completed.

In it you will find lots of great pictures of his inventions and also lots of information on what they did. Johb Gaitan was able to trap a single bubble at the center of a flask that was vibrating at its own acoustic resonance level, and sonoluminescence was then seen. The combined loud chanting of the priests, using kohn voices at a certain pitch and rhythm most probably adds to the combined effect, but the subject matter of the chant, I believe, would be of no consequence.

During those times he became friends with a young Tibetan student. By adjusting the belt settings and concentrating intensely, Keely was able to get the sphere to levitate, move worrwll the room and then plunge into the ground with evidence of its weight having substantially increased.

Jarl made a journey to Egypt for the English Scientific Society. The four experts were named as Dr. The small drum had a very sharp sound, and could be heard even with the other instruments making a terrible din. Here we will explain how it works:. On January 19,The Philadelphia Press published an illustrated article detailing an investigation made by the newspaper of Keely’s workshop, in which the Press contended that the investigation had clearly proven Keely’s motor to have been “a delusion and deception” and that its alleged mysterious forces were the result of trickery.

They were amazed to see him move a horsepower vibratory engine from one end of the room to the other all on his own without even scratching the floor. Outside air pressure contracts the balloon towards the center.

  ASTM D6039 PDF

Google Search This Site. He sent word that the “focalizing” was making rapid progress, that he was too busy to leave it even for a moment, and that they could fix a date for exhibition on or before April However, in Dmitriev et al.

John Ernst Worrell Keely – Wikipedia

Clearly, the entire arrangement was tailor-made to create waves of sound resonance that would reverberate within the stone to be moved, and absorb or reflect the downward-pressing force to create levitation.

When the stone was in position the monk behind the small drum gave a signal to start the concert. Because he had the opinion in the beginning that he was the victim of mass-psychosis, he made two films of the incident. He is a cosmic reporter of poignant news and events in the Ascension timeline and drama. In the middle there is no rotation at all. So, once again we have a worreell where the lost secrets of the Universe were discovered and harnessed, only to be lost yet again so that others must rediscover them later on.

Born in Chester, PennsylvaniaJohn Keely was orphaned in early wortell and was raised by his grandparents. Millicent on March 6, at 2: So how exactly did this device work? Keely was clearly a charlatan much of the time, but there have been great spiritualist mediums nohn produced genuine phenomena as well as cold-blooded fraud In the 19th ojhn most physicists believed, incorrectly, that all of space was filled with a medium called the ” Luminiferous aether ” or wrorella hypothetical substance which was thought necessary for the transmission of electromagnetic waves and to the propagation of light, which was believed to be impossible in “empty” space.


The monks were obviously tapping into a huge amount of free energy to levitate the huge stone blocks, or gravity requires little power to affect its operation once the principles are understood. A diagram from Dr. Keely told them that it was in fact “etheric vapor”, adding “It ain’t compressed air or any vapor having substance.

I have this report from civil engineer and flight manager Keelg Kjelson, a friend of mine.

Keely again informed the directors of his company in early November that “before the end of the year” he would “positively be all through with his work to prove conclusively that” he has devised “a practical commercial working engine” operated by his new force. He did this through sympathetic vibrations.

Page actions Print Share Send link. At one time he did a demonstration for a group of people. With our present knowledge no definition can be given of the latent force, which, possessing all the conditions of attraction and repulsion associated with it, is free of magnetism. Yet it is a kkeely matter to those who have been sinking their money therein. This might seem preposterous on one level, but sources such as the Seth Material insist that this is exactly how our multidimensional universe actually functions.


For now, what we should see is that this act of levitation is not a product of fantasy — the entire setup was carefully observed, measured and yes, even filmed. He understood how worrrell manipulate objects via their vibratory rates. He admitted the truth of the complainants’ bill regarding the contract, johh added worrell although, due to “certain abstruse difficulties by reason of the nature and qualities of the said force”, he had so far failed to bring his inventions into practical use, he believed he would ultimately succeed.

Another important observation from Dr. An article excerpt from the Wall Street Journal on October 15, helps us to truly understand how significant this is:. John Ernst Worrell Keely September 3, — November 18, was an American inventor from Philadelphia who claimed to have discovered a new motive power which was originally described as “vaporic” or “etheric” force, and later as an unnamed force based on “vibratory sympathy”, by which he produced “interatomic ether ” from water and air.

He thereby negated some of the vibrations in the weight that made the weight heavy.

As you can see in this picture there is a heavy weight. It is believed that this collapse creates such intense pressure that great energy is released, but the source of this energy remains a worell to the mainstream. David Wilcock David Wilcock is a professional lecturer, filmmaker and researcher of ancient civilizations, consciousness science and new paradigms of energy and matter.

Retrieved from ” https: It was predicted by Rudolph Steiner in that the science of the future will be based on Sympathetic Vibrations. Within the Earth, we now know that normal gravitational force, downwardly directed, is replaced by a reversed upwardly directed force at depths greater than 2, kilometers 1, miles.

It was Putterman et al. This is not the way that gravity functions on Earth, obviously.