Some writers are prolific. A better adjective for John Scalzi might be “possessed.” You’d think he’d have his hands full churning out novels at a machine-gun. The third book in John Scalzi’s exciting sci-fi series which started with Old Man’s War. This essay, on The Last Colony, is the third installment in an on-going retrospective of John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War series. Previous.

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I still love Scalzi’s humour and how humane and likeable his characters are but his lsst seem to be unconvincing and plot a bit predictable with the formula – everything goes horribly wrong and the mc gets to save the world.

How important is this book to the overall story of this universe? Scalzi’s writing is in top form in The Last Colony and since John Perry is the lead character, there’s a bit more humor than lst Ghost Brigades.

The Last Colony | Old Man’s War Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

So is the repetition when he tries to make the same argument to Roanoke. Jan 20, Hosein rated it it was amazing. The Last Colony [Aug ]. I really enjoyed this and not just because we are already invested in these protagonists. The Last Colony is a sequel. The premise is John Perry, his wife Jane, and his adopted daughter Zoe have been offered the position of overseers for a new colony called Roanoke.

I am so eagerly awaiting this book that I am scouring the internet to get ANY tidbit of info about it that I can get. Return to Book Page. A young American of Indian ancestry who through various turns of plot found himself herded onto a colonization ship one step ahead of the law and to a new colony, which would be headed up by Yhe Perry and Jane Sagan.


Go to his site and use the contact information you find there. While there’s no scene here that quite amps up the adrenaline like the climax of The Ghost Brigadesreaders will find The Last Colony a nice place to visit.

I liked the end of the book, too, in that there is an interesting choice laid out to humans by John Perry’s actions. This problem was especially apparent in Redshirts, which had a great idea what if you found yourself as one of those unfortunate redshirt-wearing ensigns destined for a horrible death in Star Trek but got tiresome towards the end. John’s reaction is simply that they’ll have to agree to disagree — it doesn’t seem to occur to him to ask them ecalzi explain their reasoning or tell xolony what they know.

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Thoughts on The Last Colony

This is space war action several notches above what you usually get in this genre, and any sci-fi colkny should check out this series.

L’ultima colonia di John Scalzi. One I could handle, but two is overdoing it, man. I did notice an increasing tendency to make things a bit too much on the noseif that makes sense.

The way it’s done, it’s: And as a matter of fact, today’s book under review is actually the third in a series of interrelated ones by Scalzi, stretching back to this Old Man’s War we’ve been talking about; that novel, see, is about a time in the future when old people on Earth are essentially tricked into sczlzi bloody offworld war on behalf of Earth’s colonizing military, by being promised tough new colohy genetically-engineered bodies, ones even given limited superhuman powers through the “magic” of chromosome manipulation, and then being kept in the dark about the horrific realities of the intergalactic war they’re about to go fight, until it’s too late to do anything about it.


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The Last Colony

While it is nice to see John Perry his POV is very distinct and I love his high sarcasm – the scene with Chengelpet brothers and their goat was just pricelessthe overall plot is of lower density and so the book read slower at least for me.

The book, or series, has been underwhelming for me since The Ghost Brigade. It seemed the only way to tell the reader things that the Protagonist has no way of knowing.

Guess what, aparrently the Colonial Defense Forces are not done with them, or their adopted daughter Zoe Boutin. Other books in the series. Although the newest draft is slowly turning into a big monster. Old Man’s War 6 books.

This shatters the Conclave into multiple factions, several of which swear vengeance on the Union. John is an ombudsman on the remote planet of Huckleberry. Perry sfalzi all his family going Deux Machina mode and outsmarting and outmanoeuvring not only CDF but also Conclave with all their united intelligent species. Then I went back to my office and wrote an e-mail to Patrick Nielsen Hayden, my editor, which went as such: Jul 21, Tom Merritt rated it it was amazing.