An intermediate tutorial for JOGL (Java OpenGL binding). JOGL Tutorial, JOGL online Tutorial with reference manuals and examples. Alternatives to JOGL include open-source LWJGL (Light-Weight Java Game Library) @ This tutorial assumes that you have sufficient knowledge.

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Read the “Graphics Programming” section on how to switch between full-screen mode and windowed mode, if desired. Our first triangle You will notice that although the 3D coordinates are evenly spaced, the triangle on screen is not. Having that, once again we go into the display method, this time computing the orbit position and drawing a satellite silver cylinder jol textured panel.

To run this application, download the source code and run “HelloWorldWindow. You can get the latest demo source codes from https: To use AWT’s Frame as the top-level window, modify the main method as follows: It renders something and promptly forgets about it, so if we change the camera position in between, it will be confused.

Running in Full-Screen Mode Games are often run in full-screen mode without decoration title, status, scroll tutoral.

Yet Another Tutorial on JOGL 2.1

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Therefore, we will simply shift what is considered to be the zero point 0, 0, 0.

This will open a new window were we can add the URL for the documentation http: Nehe’s Lesson 7 “Texture Filter, Lighting, and key-controlled”: Personally, I have worked further on the orbiter, which currently looks like this: First around the z axis according to the satellite angle, then 45 degrees around the y axis so we have a nice isometric view on the cylinder and the panels.

Customize for Eclipse 4. The sphere looks kind of flat, but that is ok: The OpenGL mother site is at http: In order to perform rendering, an so-called OpenGL rendering context is required.

JOGL Tutorial

You should see something like in the next figure:. And voila, our first visual result: Before any drawing begins, we load a secondary texture for the solar panel in the init method.

The main Container class can be left untouched. After all, we specified only a blue color, and no lights or shadows, so where should the “3D effect” come from? Tutoriall normally use it at strength 0.

Compared to the previous version, you can see three changes: Here, we need to make only tutorkal change: The first thing to know is that OpenGL calculates coordinates using matrixes. The use of color picking is NOT recommended on any hardware whose palette is partially emulated. These interfaces define the common behaviors expected on GLCanvas jol GLJPanelso that applications can switch between them with minimal code changes.


Top 10 facts why you need a cover letter? You can retrieve the graphics context from a drawable tutorkal follow: Take note that you should include the current working directory ‘.

We can change this, if necessary, in the init function:. Please note that if you do not change the lighting between fps frames, you could put everything so far into the init method instead of display.

The capabilities simply define what you want from the underlying OpenGL implementation. As such, you can have an empty implemention.

Jogl Tutorial – JogampWiki

Choose the appropriate JOGL version that you used to compile your application, e. I recommend that you visit that site to ensure that newer versions of these files have not been released since this tutorial was written. You also need to include the native library path for each of the project.

The GLU helper library can help us again, this time with a sphere.