Natural Stance Jeet Kune Do Combat Stance Displacement/Shuffle footwork Lateral footwork Gung Fu Coordination Drill Cross Punching Drill (using focus. The Rebel Wing Chun Focus Mitt Drills video has got you covered. From my advanced Rebel Wing Chun self-defense methodology, I created this video for those.

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In other words, this is where you can really “mix it up” with the opponent.

Now we will talk about things that you should see in a Jeet Kune Do erills. This is the primary range where simple and compound trapping movements occur. Directness means that the attack should take the shortest route to the target without any preparatory, or telegraphic, set-up movements. The next preferred method is lin jjd die dar, or simultaneous defense and attack. MMA fighters are possibly the most serious martial artists today.

My movements are simple, direct and non-classical. According to Bruce Lee, in the fighting stance, the power side should be forward. Even with that information we may need to see you in action in person or via video of some sort. After an altercation with a practitioner from another style didn’t go as well as Bruce would have liked for it to have gone, he decided that it was time to change his system and make it even more effective.

No one has trained more JKD students than us.

What is Hardcore Jeet Kune Do?

Another important part of training and strategy in Jeet Kune Do is the five ways of attack. I an not an Instructor with dgills WJKDF but will you list me on your instructor jkr because I see that you get four million hits on your list page and I want that advertisement for my school for free.


If we at the Hardcore Jeet Kune Do Chinese Gung Fu Association can be of assistance to you in any way, please feel free to contact us anytime by jkdd, calling or emailing us! Are there high kicks in Jeet Kune Do No all kicks are low level.

To maximize the use of the tools striking weaponsthree fighting ranges are emphasized in Jeet Kune Do. Plus, MMA is a combat martial art with clear rules. Buy the book called tao of jeet kune do by bruce lee.

He also had a tendency to use certain drrills as guinea pigs to sharpen certain special skills of his own! This is far better than the block first then counter approach advocated by so many martial arts today! Extensive use of the horizontal fist for striking Jeet Kune Do punching uses the vertical fist structure for greater efficiency and better centerline protection while striking. This places your most powerful weapons closer to the target, where they can best be used in a non-telegraphic manner.

Specific movements, referred to as four corner drills, help the Jeet Kune Do practitioner refine this skill. Concepts are an offshoot that involve the Philippine martial arts mainly escrima.

When you test for rank progression xrills will be sent corrections and suggestions for improvement if needed via email direct from the World Jeet Kune Do Federation President as he is the only one who grades tests and approves rank certificates.


Barefooted instructors and students Jeet Kune Do looks at everything from a practical standpoint; barefooted training isn’t very practical! Some drilps them even have elaborate websites.

Chi gerk, or sticking legs, develops the sensitivity in the legs for sweeps, deflections and counter kicks. To date, I have personally trained with over two dozen of the original First generation Bruce Lee students! Serious inquiries rrills, please!

Do they have enough knowledge of the material to effectively teach it to others? It just means that it could take more research into their background and their methods to prove their legitimacy! These skills are necessary to put yourself in and out of the range that you desire to be in!

What is Hardcore Jeet Kune Do?

Waste no time No high kicks — many styles teach rdills kicking. Before I get too carried away discussing what Jeet Kune Do is, allow me to describe to you what it is not! This is also where close quarter grappling movements such as chokes, strangles and neck-breaks occur! Intense physical training is a must in Jeet Kune Do! Xrills of the politics and confusion as to what Jeet Kune Do really is and who is or isn’t authorized to teach stems from immaturity, jealousy and the quest for the almighty dollar!

Training with special equipment is also necessary. The extraordinary part of it lies in its simplicity.