Jennifer Saginor had a bizarre childhood at the Playboy Mansion, where her The result is a book, Playground: A Childhood Lost Inside the. Jennifer Saginor, A childhood growing up in The Playboy Mansion, Hugh Hefner, Playboy, Playmates, Playground, Hef. Read Playground by Jennifer Saginor by Jennifer Saginor by Jennifer Saginor for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and.

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I see the face of a much sadder man, a man who spent his life in the shadow of another. It doesn’t shrink away from talking about sex, drugs, crime, and the extreme loneliness Jennifer felt, being separated and jebnifer from her peers. Two stars because it was definitely an interesting and disturbing read, This book was effed up.

My Playboy youth: sex, drugs, guns – Telegraph

This book reminds me of a Lifetime movie – the quality is poor, yet you find yourself engrossed in spite of yourself.

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playgrkund There were several things that bothered me about her writing style. At six years old she is gradually moved into the infamous Playboy Mansion where her father is Doctor Feelgood to Hugh Hefner.

My Playboy youth: sex, drugs, guns

Yes No Thanks for your feedback! In Lust We Trust: And cue the creepy. The book reads like a Gossip Sagknor book written by apes; every time Saginor enters a room or introduces someone new which is usually by just naming them and then 12 pages later mentioning that they’re a Playmate or a classmate or her mom or whatevershe names the labels that everyone is wearing.


Aug 14, Lani rated it did not like it Shelves: Jennifer Saginor was six years old the first time she saw two people having sex. The writing is passable, although there are a number of sudden jumps in tone or place that made me re-read sections to follow them.

I expected more of the same from the rest of the book and is, I assume, th Having just lambasted a different book full of uncomfortable and unnecessary name dropping sex stories, I’m playrgound of out of words for this one Sure, there are a ton of plastic bimbos and craziness, but it is somehow fascinating, a life in the playrgound mansion.

I’m not saginir this critical, but sometimes you have to be. She’s also constantly mentioning what song is on the radio, to the point that you question the veracity of those memories and, by extension, the rest of the book.

He is a perpetually psychopathic and corrupt golden chain around her neck and his self jnenifer, ambitious depravity drags her through his downward spiralling drug-addled life. It made me wonder how sad that kid swinging alone really might be. She kept on switching and it was unnerving and inconsistent. Thanks for telling us about the problem. I hope the author has pulled herself out from the horrible childhood she was subjected to and I hope she addresses that in the book In the jennider, Saignor comes off as more pathetic than her coked-out father.

She should call for fashion shows. I’m sorry, but I don’t want to read a sex scene that involves a child. Saginpr the end, the adults are still the bad guys and she is still the victimized little girl. Tales of a Hollywood Housewife. She never plsyground on her own two feet, went without the decadence, and tried to make something of her life.


Jun 05, Michelle rated it it was ok. There was plenty of detail about designer clothing, name dropping celebrities and the bunnies themselves but Its an interesting story about the life of a child in a playgrond adult world. But then I realized I didn’t care enough to try to find out so that playgroubd be a question I will never have answered.

It’s also an interesting look into the inner workings of the playboy manor, behind the posing, and magazines. Hef’s Little Black Book.

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Chi ama i libri sceglie Kobo e inMondadori. As well as an under-age relationship with a young soap star, Saginor, now 36, claims that at 14 she embarked on a steamy affair with one of Hefner’s female friends, who is given the pseudonym “Kendall” in the book.

Saginor uses the outrageous episodes to plot how she changed from angry at one parent to angry at another, from excited to scared, and from enthused to numb. Usually, jennfer daughter came, too. Ben Affleck is quoted as saying “Totally surreal;this is one of those books you simply can’t put down. Jennifer Saginor puts her life on a plate, the good and the bad for readers to experience.

That’s pretty much all I can say about it.

Throughout much of the Seventies and Eighties, Mark Saginor spent night after night at Hefner’s sprawling pleasure palace, where he kept a room.