JBL LE, LE, LE, LE, LE Aftermarket Recone Kit 8 ohm. Difficult DIY repair! Parts specifications: Cone: 4″ JBL LE5 cone; Voice Coil: Kapton. Brand New Genuine JBL C8RLE52 Midrange Recone Kit. 8 ohms. LE mid found in L88P, L88P-A, L and LALM models. JBL style LE5 midrange speaker for L36, L, and many more. Replacement midranges and parts for JBL.

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Replacement for JBL LE in L | Audiokarma Home Audio Stereo Discussion Forums

Initially I played the speakers from a 6W SET amp, and at average listening level everything went well – actually with an amazing level of transparency.

The frequency response turned out just as bad as the LE Below oe5 a couple of photos of our shop in St.

They were not going to consumer production. Most orders ship same day.

So in went the rubber dome as seen on the photos below. Bracing made from 12 mm MDF was added to the cabinet as seen on the photos.

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The placement of the drivers have a major influence on the response of the drivers and I suggest you follow this layout to make the crossover work properly. If your recone kit shims do not fit you can cut them into strips and insert several of the strips evenly around the magnet.

Back to eBay Home Return hbl top. From the beginning it was clear that this speaker might end up as a 3-way.

Mid, tweeter and summed response.

Vintage JBL Le5-12 Midrange 4″ Speaker Pair L112 2 Original Speakers 4312

Not bad at all. Can Simply Speakers help? Having both speakers running, some further mid and tweeter attenuation adjustments were done, but nothing suggested a second round of crossover tweaking necessary.


My father in law gave me his Marantz 15″ 3 way speaker boxes. It was also very helpful to see how slowly the le55 sets up, and to keep turning the speaker and pressing the foam into place until the adhesive holds. You beat Amazon which usually takes longer. Even if they have minor bumps I recommend leaving them in place. Bidding has ended on this item. Discussion in ‘ The Lansing Legacy ‘ started by grnhaysSep 28, The address provided by eBay or PayPal will be used for shipment.

For this reason we are unable to modify or change an existing order once it has been sent to us from eBay and processed. Should you decide to stay with the vent, here are the dimensions of the original: The crossover will be on small MDF blocks over the terminals in lee5 middle of the cabinet. Mouse over to Zoom – Click to enlarge. I have kept the other sizes I have except for an which I was offered just too much money for.

Have one to sell? A collector le Japan has it now. This is really not a bad tweeter, but it needs some equalisation to deliver the best. More pics from cabinet rebuild: They are solid, and you guys are an example of how something should be done. As soon as the LE5 mids sees a wide baffle, the response below Hz rises some 4 dB, the LE even worse than seen here. Questions and answers about this item. Share This Page Tweet.

I could not have done this without your great video instructions, your easy to use kit, and your email support. I’m certain some of the JBL drivers hold qualities worth the effort and the end product can easily compete with modern equipment if not sometimes leave it way behind.


Units showing signs of use, ie. The LE5 drivers really aren’t meant to go very low due to high Fs and much of the JBL sound is derived from the bass handling lower and middle midrange. You easily get into modifying everything, leaving little of the original design and end up with a modern speaker made from highly tweaked old components with little resemblance of the real thing.

I’ve seen some people glue the tears, maybe I’ll try that? You might have a blown fuse, bulb, or defective crossover or component. The old front panel was cut off by a jigsaw and the remains removed with the router router lf5 with a wheel. Gut feeling tells me the crossover option is the most likely to succeed.

So this all looks very nice, but the trouble doesn’t stop here. You may already have wondered where the jhl has gone.

In most cases, no RMA is required, simply include a copy of the sales receipt with your return along jbll a brief description of the issue. Very lightweight paper cones and very strong motor systems. Try to peel the two edges apart. With your glue I was able to finish installing the surrounds just as your video describes.