Lid closing still doesn’t switch off LCD screen so sleep mode still quite useless. . Patch used: JaS a Generic Patch vb PPF. Natvie install with a JaS a Patch Vb patched iso image file. . Method: Native install with with JaS a Generic Patch vb. Kernel Panic with patch , a in native install. (((Try the JaS a Generic Patch vb is might help these issues))) (((wesley Patch has.

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Still need to get the kext loaded with ATI card.

HCL 10.4.3/Incompatible

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Full instructions for upgrading to kas Its a special modell only for Acer Ferrari and therefor the driver updates from ati wont work. PC Card Slot works fine, just no drivers for the smartcard slot, don’t think there’ll be any also. Reboot from dvd plist not found. Patch listed at http: Everything else also seems to work ok, though. Installed Adobe CS easily and without issue.

Posted October 22, All dates shown on drivers as well as hexadecimal codes are technical details revealed by Gateway’s system scanner.

HCL /Desktops – OSx86

There must be some way of removing these from the DVD Register a new account. Have to manually remove the kexts. If this happens to you, plug a USB keyboard and mouse and then download this file: Tapping can be restored by trashing ApplePS2Trackpad. Fix But I try to get more working! Intel Pentium M Processor 1. Everything else is ok. Video is horribly slow otherwise. Once booting has started, you will see a bunch of text as it boots.


I tried several others with less success. The Windows logo key is used as the command cloverleaf key for OS X. Emulated installations do not belong on this HCL. Once it says “USB blah blah has no kernal dependancy” it then should say it found root device and start booting.

Currently installed build is ACPI is not working. T specs are here. Sound is good, two channel, USB works great, all my hard drives are found, and it basically just works fine in general. Reset the resolution to x by setting the values in the boot file search the forums for simple setting procedure. It looks for the file in the nonexistent installation and can’t find it because it has not yet been installed. If you dont have the volume bar then im sorry friend but you gota whole lota bullcrap to search through to get it working.

Volume keys and mute key also work. Rosetta works just delete all ATI kexts if you have this card installed.

The only things that didn’t work were dvd playback, card fimal, and wifi intel bg. Decent stability, and good xbench scores, graphics not-withstanding: I use the dtk tiger disk with maxxuss 1. Even DVD burner support, iLife ’06 and iWork ’06 were running with the installer which wouldn’t work before with The Alt key is used for option.


necrovision lost company patch fr | fokyryt

Works perfectly, except for no sound, although there may be a way to patch that. No ACPI and no power saving. Some mouse dropping artifacts on scrolling screens, nothing major.

Both these peripherals were auto-configured and worked from the get-go.

Contents 1 Components 1. Don’t forget to add how you got OSx86 running on your x86 desktop computer, and to use proper English.

Not a single error, pause or panic in the install. When you boot the install DVD, it asks you to “press any key to install” or “F8 for boot options” and there is a countdown timer going. Now and then applications exit on their own.

Emulated installations do not belong on this HCL. You will need to download this iso and use it. With that patch, DVD video playback works properly. Display choice stays at x The drive still isnt working.

Don’t forget to add how you got OSx86 running on your portable x86 computer, and to use proper English. Pleasantly surprised to see “Welcome” video play at the beginning with audio and animation, no lag or hiccups at all. For “non emulating booting” error, try to flash a new bios from acer site. Video recognized as gemeric 3.