Also available is JANAP , which contains ship and other joint armed forces voice call signs. Although the publication is always kept up to date, normally it is. The Call Signs included in the Destroyer Archive were taken from the printing of publication JANAP (F) Section 6A. Included in the report were Voice. either JANAP or Allied Communications Pub (ACP) (3) Exotic words, expressions, or well-known commercial trademarks. (4) Express a degree of.

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Therefore I wanted to make the following points to you, unofficially, in the hope that you might see your way clear to provide an affirmative decision.

Requests for first word assignments will be made in writing by the initiating activity see subparagraph 8a jaap OPNAV N31who will ensure its validity in conjunction with the Office of Naval Intelligence ONI nickname administrator.

Nicknames may be assigned to actual, real-world events, projects, movement of 191 or other non-exercise activities. In such cases, a Roman numeral suffix janal be added to the original word combination to indicate reactivation of the nickname or exercise term. Porter inand a bio of CDR Porter.

Chief of Naval Operations Subj: What I tried hardest to do was insure that every officer and man on the ship not only knew what we were about, not only why we were doing each tactical evolution, however onerous, but also managed to understand enough about how it all fitted together that he could begin to experience some of the fun and challenge that those of us in the top slots were having.

Full text of “OPNAVINST “

Allies or other free-world nations. After a short tour of mess cook duty in Galley “E”, Treasure Island, I went aboard the yard oiler YO, fueling ships with bunker oil and later, submarines with diesel fuel just before they headed to open sea from San Francisco. More important than any of these details, of course, was jana basic effort to communicate a sense of excitement, fun and zest, in all that we were doing. We were planning to do it all along. Back aft your gear secured, head for below; Forward two men by anchor, ready to let go.


Included procedures for request. My first command, the destroyer Tills, was not completely conclusive because it lasted only ten months.

Although I would not consider writing to you, direct, in search of any personal favor, I have decided that I might be forgiven for enlisting your assistance in the official request, copy enclosed, concerning my ship. Requests for First Word Assignments. We had a Bohme Keyer, jnap and we copied code with pencils. Inquiries concerning the classified meaning of a nickname or exercise term should be sent to the office or unit responsible for the 1199, project, jnaap exercise involved.

Therefore, certain voice call signs which appear undesirable from a personal viewpoint are often assigned. Thank you for asking about the school. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

I have the following on disc: The photos were taken in December while operating with Task Force 77 and in October At the beginning and the end of the day, I discussed with the officers who, in turn, discussed with their men what was about to happen and what had just happened, what the competition was doing and what we should do to meet it.

We believe we do more than all of the rest; Keeping the 19 together, looking her best. Activities with permanent first words must designate a single POC for each first word assignment.


A specific nickname or exercise term may not be used under a different meaning for 2 years after termination by OPNAV N September 11, Admiral Elmo R. These 1199 were supplied by Don Scott at subpride aol.


Pull upon those guy lines, in she will swing; Set her in the skids, shoe her with a fling. Because she was the first ship of this new type, she was manned with handpicked officers and sailors, and personnel administration was easy.

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Reference a establishes standard administrative policy for the assignment and management of code words, nicknames, and exercise terms. My school was located in a barracks on Camp Robert Smalls where I began classes, A new school facility was near completion on the same site,being occupied in late June.

Voice call signs are invented and assigned by civil servants in a remote recess of the Pentagon who, one sometimes suspects, view their work with a certain amount of irony if not downright malice. A nickname must not be used as a substitute for an established procedure set forth in other official publications, such as voice call sign assignment, coordinate identification, or code word assignment.

Jznap should add that, operating on the stitch-in-time principle, when three years later I received command of Dewey, I went to that Pentagon recess to make sure I was getting an acceptable janxp call sign.

All nicknames which are exercise terms will follow the criteria for propriety given in subparagraph 7d.

Tin Can Sailors – The National Association of Destroyer Veterans

In the last month two reserve officers have requested augmentation and retention, respectively, and have specifically asked to remain aboard Isbell. Max also contributed the cruise book. Few had had typing in high school. Fair lead those jxnap, through snatch blocks; Some man pass a stopper, make sure she locks. Permanent First Word Assignment.

Consequently, on 26 Octobershortly after taking command, I sent off the following letter: