Results 1 – 12 of 24 The Opening of the Way: A Practical Guide to the Wisdom Teachings of Ancient Egypt. Oct 1, by Isha Schwaller de Lubicz. Isah Schwaller De Lubicz, Isha Schwaller de Lubicz. from: $ The Opening of the Way: A Practical Guide to the Wisdom Teachings of Ancient Egypt. Isha Schwaller de Lubicz, Schwaller’s wife (herself the author of a strange work of Egyptian esoterica, Her-Bak), wrote that the aims of Les Veilleurs included “the.

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Schwaller de Lubicz, La Doctrine: While he disdained the perceived materialism of Jewish cultural habitudes, it must be emphasised that his views on race were shaped not by biological ideologies, but by an esotericism of race inherited from Theosophy.

She can become man only by fusing herself with him.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. All Formats Paperback Hardcover Sort by: Overall, Schwaller emphasised how a profound anthropocosmic philosophy was encoded in every physical aspect of the construction of the Egyptian divine temple, and, more than this, that a profoundly intuitive, arational intelligence, superior to our own divisive rationalism, lay at the heart of Egyptian civilisation. The revelation of one becoming two had been fleshed out by the analysis of the space between one and two.

Schindler, ; Du Symbol et de la symboliqueLe Caire: Aor is that which, one night at sunset, from high atop a frozen, flame red peak, said to me—listen! Pubicz its stated mission, the French branch of the Theosophical Society acted in many respects as a de facto nexus for the myriad occult and esoteric currents active siha Paris at the time; through these intersecting milieux, Schwaller met many important figures from French esotericism, some of whom would become his close collaborators in the sociopolitical, artisanal, and initiatic work that he would undertake during the coming decade.


Alsace, the longitudinal strip of land defined by the Vosges in the West and by schwalller Rhine in the East. Inner Dr International, In the aftermath of the First World War, Milosz was deeply affected by the post-war plight of his fatherland, then in danger of being subsumed by the encroaching Bolshevik state. I discuss the history of stained glass and its relation to the operative alchemical work in Alchemical Traditionspp.

Indeed, his part-French, part-German name reflects the ee lineage of not only the territory but its people: VandenBroeck, Al-Kemipp.

VandenBroeck, Al-Kemip. You yourself, by being in principle a man, human, result from the complementation of two states of the same nature: Through this process, the phenomenal world of colour appeared, bringing into being the characteristic seven-fold signature of light.

If one encloses equal volumes of chlorine and hydrogen gas in a glass flask, the two gasses will retain their own individuality as long as the flask that contains them is kept in darkness. Nietzsche cshwaller Resa V.

Isha Schwaller de Lubicz (Author of Her-Bak)

Tragically, inAlexandre Varille died in a car accident, and without the support of their chief academic spokesperson, the symbolists were forced to secede.

University of Queensland,provides the first comprehensive biography of Schwaller in English.

The hierarchy avowed by the Veilleurs was based on qualitative spiritual praxis, and not on a biologically conceived hierarchy of races. This experience centred on an experiment conducted in the laboratory of ve father involving the production of hydrochloric lubics, a common but impressive experiment proceeding from the fact that the two components of the acid—hydrogen gas and chlorine—are so photosensitive that diffuse light will produce a reaction and direct sunlight an explosion.


While there, Schwaller de Lubicz brought to a total whole his philosophical vision and in published his book L’Appel du Feuwhere his “inspiration and higher intelligence is personified as ‘Aor’ Hebrew for ‘intellectual light’. Image reproduced from frontispiece to R. The interaction of the triads forms the four elements—fire, air, water, earth— red, yellow, blue, indigo. The colonial era Winter Palace, so-named for being the winter residence of the Egyptian Royal Family, subsequently became host to a wealth of illustrious visitors.

Station Scientifique de Suhalia, St. In this schwalller, Schwaller saw the Pythagorean principle of tri-unity. Between andSchwaller and Champagne worked exclusively on achieving these mysterious blues and reds.

Low to High Price: At root of both endeavours lies a metaphysics of perception that embraces both the intuitive and empirical faculties. He would also inaugurate his first esoteric group, Les Lugicz The Watchers. For Schwaller, metaphysical cause and physical effect were ultimately poles of one continuum. Herein, everything that exists—the phenomenal world as a whole—was seen precisely as a reaction to a metaphysical action.

Whether he meant this literally or figuratively, editions of the work are in fact rare. Moving to Paris from Alsace dr study modern chemistry and physics, he developed an interest in Alchemyreading every alchemical text he could find including those by Paracelsus and Ramon Llull.

Complete with laboratory, forge, looms, printing press, and observatory, Suhalia was a hive of artisanal, alchemical, artistic, homeopathic, and mystical activity.