Introducción al cálculo tensorial. by Machado, Luis M. Series: IRAM Edition statement:1a. ed. Physical details: p.: il.; 22 cm. Subject(s). ×. Cálculo tensorial — Problemas y ejercicios. More like this Add tags for “Teoría y problemas de análisis vectorial y una introducción al analisis tensorial”. Be the. Teoría y problemas de análisis vectorial y una introducción al análisis tensorial. [ Murray R Spiegel] vectorial — Problemas, ejercicios, etc. Cálculo de tensores.

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The cohonology groups of the spheres. Son parte del curso. Conservation of the energy and other observations with regards to the simple pendulum. The cotangent bundle as the phase space. Definition of manifold, tangent vector and tangent map. Quick definitions of the Riemann tensor, the Ricci tensor and the scalar curvature.


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Content of the lectures Part 1 Date. Conservation of the angular momentum for interactions with spherical symmetry. Properties of the exterior derivative.

calvulo More details about grading: Kinetic energy in generalized coordinates for the double pendulum. Do wrinkles make me stronger? El teorema de Stokes en variedades.

Motivation for Frobenius theorem. Definition of the de Rham cohomology. The vector mechanics formulation of the planetary motion. Parallel transport “absolute tenosrial. Statement of the Stokes theorem.

Equivalence with the Newton’s second law for free particles. Anonymous survey to sound out the level and interest of the students this one. A brief dictionary between geometry and mechanics through the double pendulum example. Proof of that cohomology is homotopy invariant.

Geometría Diferencial

Underlying ideas in Riemannian geometry. The limitations regarding the format will be announced. Geodesics, covariant derivative and the computation of the Christoffel symbols. Note that neither the exam nor the composition is mandatory. Conservation of the energy.


Motivation for the definition of connection. Differential forms as fields of alternating forms.

Introducción al cálculo tensorial

The grading is as follows: Lagrangians invariant by transformations. The deadline is January 15th Motivation and notation for the tensoril of metric. The lectures are scheduled on Tuesday and Thrusday The problem about “avoidance of crossing” is proposed.