Can the admins add a link to the Innsmouth Horror rulebook? It’s been up Arkham Horror – Innsmouth Horror PDF Rules. Here is the Arkham Horror monster list from Innsmouth Horror expansion. Instead, they enter play through special rules. There are a total of. Board Game: Arkham Horror: Innsmouth Horror Expansion» Forums» Rules · Post Thread | Subscribe 1, Rules (General) Q&A with Innsmouth-specific too.

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Can an admin please post this and the Revised Dark Pharaoh as links on the home page.

That would make this place “All things Arkham Horror” – perhaps a good slogan? I supported because… “it helps me support the hobby I love. I would edit it myself, but the main page is locked Can a page Mod fix those?

This is manageable most of the time, but as there are only six of them, it can fill up fast. The rulebooks linked off the front site lead to the now phased out transition website at FFG – http: Is there any way to make it visible on the front page? It’s been up for a while and it should make the front page.

Innsmouth Horror

Since “Lurker” is out and the rules are available for download, it’d be nice to include the link along the other rules links on the main rulse His ability horro never be arrested is still applicable for getting arrested in Innsmouth, correct?

Dunwich Horror, the first expansion board, was exciting jnnsmouth it was new. As with hordor of the previous expansions of the game, Innsmouth Horror comes with its own set of rules baggage.

Innsmouth seems to find a healthy middle ground. Just played a solo game for practice, with 3 investigators, and while I didn’t lose, it just dragged on and on for 6 hours or so, until I had to clean up and put it away. This is the short link. Roll up someone new without fish DNA this time; your teammates will appreciate it. I still don’t see how the strategy section would be visible for anyone who didn’t actually type the search term strategy.


He must also be defeated twice. I see many of the scenarios are featured articles on the front page. Unfortunately, they know that you know.

This ups the Innsmouth challenge substantially, as each of them individually adds a deep one token right at the start of the game and each time you clear it, making it essential that it gets cleared often.

The events in gorror woods. Can the admins add a link to the Innsmouth Horror rulebook? And knowing that there were more of them just off shore was even worse. This plays out with the new additions the game offers, which, aside from the story quests, breaks down into three areas:.

Each investigator in dules game now has an additional individual goal to accomplish if they can. And with good reason. The King in Green Certain events require a player to shuffle the ten card deck and reveal X number of cards.

This eliminates any combat bonus for physical or magical weapons. Lurker injsmouth the Threshold rulebook. Another other rules addition that requires attention be paid to is with the enjoyable personal story quests.

Arkham Horror: Innsmouth Horror Expansion Review

Geek Market Trades Geek Store. Also, the French Wiki has a custom creations section, could we make one as well, or should that just be a subcategory innsmuoth Variants? You had always known him for a gibbering, but the cries were decidedly clairvoyant.

So, from an in-game perspective, you die. A strategy section would make sense. Even investigators who are immune to being delayed will be affected. One way or the other, it appears it all ends at Miskatonic University. Is there a reason for this, or should we be looking into getting these images replaced? In addition to not being the friendliest lot to you nosy do-gooders, if the doom track reaches halfway the town institutes martial law. For example, all of the cards could stand to be replaced with descreened versions compressed as JPEG’s to vastly reduce size without affecting visual qualitybut I’m not going to undertake this phenomenal endeavor unless it seems incredibly beneficial, particularly since, as a regular innzmouth, I cannot replace existing images that I didn’t personally upload.


The location itself has to be managed, just as in other expansions. Innsmouth is a strange, creepy little town. Learn More I supported because… “it helps me support the hobby I love.

The dust cards appear to prevent passing the marker but you of course don’t draw one if you spent the clues. I already have some collection from over at the FFG forum and would like to post it here.

As always with the Heralds, they are optional, but using one or the other adds extra feel for the Innsmouth board. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. Alright, you actually find out you were a Deep One all along and never knew it, and now it has manifested and you become a Deep One entirely. This process kills whoever you used to be. I’ve noticed a lot of the images on the wiki seem to be just black squares or broken, for the last few months. When this happens, the investigator may have to pass an evasion check in streets or locations to avoid being jailed.

Q-U is the personification of relentless, certain Death Rules Creep Factor As with all of the previous expansions of the game, Innsmouth Horror comes with its own set of rules baggage.