Cambridge Core – Social and Cultural Anthropology – In Search of Respect – by Philippe Bourgois. Review. Reviewed Work(s): In Search of Respect: Selling Crack in El Barrio by Philippe Bourgois. Review by: David Nugent. Source: American. Bourgois’ ethnographic research of the crack dealers and their families revealed the structural.

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The problem is certainly made clear by Bourgois’ impeccable analysis, but the solutions, summed up in his ‘Conclusions’ chapter are not as clear.

He has conducted fieldwork in Central America on ethnicity and social unrest and is the author of Ethnicity at Work: However, if rfspect want to read an interesting book on poverty in the US or if you’re looking for an repsect on how structural features, historical developments, and cultural ideas can intersect and lead to social marginalisation, this is the book for you.

Views Read Edit View history. What he encountered was a drug culture that permeated every part of “street life” and, accordingly, this altered the focus of his book.

It was not crazy to live there and it is easy to violate apartheid if you do it slowly, carefully, and respectfully. So I went up to East Harlem in New York City and started my new research project there while I was writing my dissertation about the ethnic divide-and-conquer strategy of a US multinational corporation in Costa Rica and Panama.

The concept of culture is a very important, but complicated concept.

Philippe Bourgois

If any reader thinks that they were monsters or slobs, they are missing the point. People think that street people choose a life of using drugs.

In Search of Respect: In Search of Respect, Philippe Bourgois’s bpurgois, ethnographic study of social marginalization in inner-city America, won critical acclaim after it was first published in and in was awarded the Margaret Mead Award. In fact, probably the best thing about Bourgois as an author is that when his research brings him to a repect topic whether it’s the crack industry or the normalized nature of gang rape among Puerto Rican maleshe doesn’t shy away from properly analyzing the Bourgois moved to a poor, primarily Puerto Rican part of New York in order to write a book about poverty.


He very clearly portrays real life examples of how incentives for criminal activities and disincentives to join the legal economy reinforce these cycles of poverty, destruction, and despair. Was the inform and consent process a sufficiently transparent one?

In Search of Respect: Selling Crack in El Barrio – Philippe Bourgois – Google Books

Interpersonal Networks in Organizations: Furthermore, everything is revealed in these interviews, the good and the bad; thus, successfully humanising a group of people who had often experienced the exact opposite. Table of contents Preface to the second edition; Introduction; 1.

Another problem that I had with this ethnography was that a lot of Bourgois’ actual words were easily forgettable, especially when bougois the first-hand accounts of the actual people most notably Primo, Caesar, and Repect.

What boudgois you think are the biggest misconceptions in mainstream American society about street culture, crack dealing and life in places like El Barrio? Bourgois likewise argues that the call for more paternal responsibility interestingly, as Obama and Bill Cosby have done is shortsighted, because in fact many families are better off without the abusive, drug-dealing father around.

As these inequities persist, future generations that grow up in this environment of limited opportunities propogate this trap. Contents Violating Apartheid in the United States.


Philippe Bourgois – Wikipedia

Struggling to fit in and live an economically stable life, Puerto Ricans are brought to hunt for something much bigger than just money. These were mostly very entertaining as they captured a performance feel from the spoken language. Families and Bourgios in Pain. While at times I had to put the book down because my stomach and my mind couldn’t be complicit in this seeming misuse of privilege, who am I to determine if someone can or can not consent to such a detailed published account of their liv This book chronicles Bourgois’ public infiltration of the crack dealer social scene bourgoiss East Harlem, New York City.

I read this book as part of my anthropology course and found it really interesting! To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. For instance, one man who had already been established as a criminal figure, and who admitted to looking disheveled in a particular situation and acting in a suspicious manner was treated in a “racist” way by a woman who ran away from him in fear.

In search of respect: an interview with Philippe Bourgois

But it does help you relax and helps you stay up all night talking. Bourgois mentions a great deal about social issues including poverty, drugs, sex and racism. In Search of Respect: So I learned to limit myself to two per night. He does talk about respect a bit here and there but I don’t really feel like he fleshed out his thesis well enough for me to be satisfied with it.