Thousands of Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) supporters converged on Durban’s King Zwelithini Stadium at the launch of the party’s election. President Zuma was the worst leader since , but the IFP could still save the a rapturous welcome at the launch of the IFP’s election manifesto. An injured Mangosuthu Buthelezi received a rapturous welcome at the launch of the IFP’s election manifesto.

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Thousands attend IFP manifesto launch

As demonstrated in these elections, patronage flows through provincial and local government in ways that undermine, rather than reinforce, apartheid era relations. The IFP has steadily lost electoral support since its zenith inwhen it came third nationally with From an impressive 2, votes inthe IFP has shrunk to less than ,; and from leading KwaZulu-Natal for ten years it is no longer even the official opposition.

Ironically, an urban-rural electoral divide is emerging in South Africa, one election after it has disappeared in KwaZulu-Natal. A key part of this power-struggle has always been the state as a source of coercive power in party conflicts, resources for campaigning, and patronage to secure support from key social actors — hence the heightened significance of election in winning control of the KwaZulu-Natal government for the ANC. These are decisive shifts in the pattern of party politics in the province since This leaves the IFP with 10 seats in the national assembly.

With the good performance of the IFP in electionespecially in the province of KwaZulu-Natal where it won an outright majority, and its incorporation into the Government of National Unity, party competition steadily took less majifesto and more institutional forms.

Party leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi received a rapturous welcome when he entered the stadium in Umlazi. The desire to project the party as a national player, and investment to this end, has simply not paid off.


More significant than the loss of 2. Within this largely consistent trend, there are some nuances.

As leader of the KwaZulu Bantustan government set up under apartheid, ostensibly to provide a degree of self- government for the Zulu people, Buthelezi launched Inkatha in to create a popular movement in an era when black political parties were banned.

Fanned by the apartheid security forces, it spread to the Zulu migrant hostels in fip Johannesburg region. In total the ANC won nearly 1, more votes in KwaZulu-Natal, taking its total from 1, in to 2, in Apartheid-era identities and loyalties will steadily recede, as the decline of the IFP in represents — indeed before any other case.

Thuli Madonsela believes no court of law is likely to conclude she was irrational in finding that Tina Joemat-Petterson had acted recklessly in the awarding of a tender. Notably, this near-perfect mirroring ends in with the rise of the NFP. Hence although the IFP lost the most votes in the election, it was actually that hurt it the most in percentage terms with a loss of 2.

A parent is seething after a teacher allegedly maanifesto her child he reminded her of the president, who cannot count properly.

Importantly however, the incident conceals as much as it reveals about the decline of the IFP for, as argued in this chapter, the story is not just one of ANC success, but also one of IFP failure.

Zuma to embark on new career mxnifesto as a musician. These authorities were most dominant in the north of the province, the historical heartland of the Zulu kingdom.

Now, the future rests in your hands. We maanifesto done all we can to bequeath to this generation a legacy of integrity and righteous action. Through these qualities he was able to secure leadership of the KwaZulu government in and then launch Inkatha in making him a national leadership figure in the mid- to late- s. While donning the colours of the ANC and including many former ANC leaders amongst its ranks, Inkatha also embraced aspects of Zulu culture and tradition.


Four political parties have not yet fully complied with pre-election rules and may be excluded from the poll, the Electoral Commission of SA said. What this means is that while the IFP was good at retaining its traditional support, despite under-targeting these constituencies much mainfesto campaigning, it failed to attract new voters.

‘Inkatha Freedom Party: The Elephants Graveyard’ | Laurence Piper –

While the IFP resorted to appeals to Zulu-ness during the transition, it quickly abandoned this after hoping to reach a larger itp. Despite these losses, the IFP has continued its general strategy intoincluding the same approach to campaigning it has embraced since Debating Liberation Histories Today, Johannesburg: While partly strategic to avoid state repression, it also reflected the rural constituencies who lived under the KwaZulu Bantustan, including a system of traditional leaders under a King who invoked the identity and traditions of the nation founded by Shaka in the s.

Most Read on IOL. Nelson Mdayi is set to be sanctioned by the ANC after being caught on camera with his gun on display in ofp in Bekkersdal. Ramaphosa’s NewYear message warns of difficult decisions for Manigesto in The ANC has welcomed the decision to place the Mogalakwena local municipality under administration.