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The convertible note hedge transactions are expected to reduce the potential equity dilution upon conversion of the Notes. Duringwe completed the formation of a joint venture with Sony.

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On the same day, the court granted the stipulation of dismissal and dismissed the action with prejudice. Based on these findings, the court ordered InterDigital to cease the alleged excessive pricing and alleged improper bundling of InterDigital’s Chinese essential and non-essential patents, and to pay Huawei We are exposed to risk from fluctuations in currencies, which may change over time as our business practices evolve, that could impact our operating results, liquidity and financial condition.

The unit also evaluated and engaged in iddc acquisitions and investments 102 areas that are complementary to InterDigital Labs’ main research areas. The company operates six research and development facilities in four countries, including the addition of research and development offices in London in and in Seoul in Those licensing efforts can be self-driven or executed in conjunction with licensing partnerships, trusts and other efforts, and may involve the vigorous defense of our intellectual property through litigation and other means.

Our strategy to diversify our patent-based revenue by pursuing alternative patent licensing arrangements and patent sales may not be successful. During second quarterwe entered into a patent license agreement with Samsung. On February 12,the Commission issued a notice, order and opinion remanding the investigation to an ALJ.


In particular, competition exists for qualified individuals with expertise in patents and in licensing and with significant engineering experience in cellular and air interface technologies.

Thank you for visiting our website and your interest in our free products and services. The complaints seek permanent injunctions and compensatory damages in an amount to be determined, as well as enhanced damages based on willful infringement, and recovery of reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs.

Since our founding inour engineers have designed and iccc a wide range of innovations that are used in digital cellular and wireless products and networks, including 2G, 3G, 4G and IEEE ircc products and networks.

Industry growth may be affected by the amount of capital required to obtain licenses to use new frequencies, deploy wireless networks to offer idcd and data services, expand wireless networks to grow voice and data services and obtain new subscribers. We may experience technical, financial, resource or other difficulties or delays related to the further development of our technologies. We are always happy 7102 assist you. Our revenue and cash flow also could be affected by i the unwillingness of any licensee to satisfy all of their royalty obligations on the terms or within the timeframe we expect, ii a decline in the financial condition of any licensee or iii the failure of sales to meet market forecasts due to global iddcc conditions, political instability, natural disasters, competitive technologies or otherwise.


InterDigital filed its reply brief on August 8, Relay communications for improved cell-edge performance. We could agree, as we have with Huawei 17002 to our December Issued patents expire at differing times ranging from through Some of our patent licenses are paid up, requiring no additional payments relating to designated sales under agreed upon conditions. Various sub-channel access and coding techniques. On June 9,the arbitration tribunal lifted the temporary stay at the request of the parties.


Further, if wireless carriers consolidate with companies that utilize technologies that are competitive with our technologies or that are not covered by our patents, we could lose market opportunities, which could negatively impact our revenues and financial condition. As a result, our cash flow has historically fluctuated from period to period. Nokia asserted counterclaims for breach of contract, breach of implied contract, unfair competition under Cal.

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Any action we take to protect our intellectual property rights could idc costly and could require significant amounts of time by key members of executive management and other personnel. Approved stock repurchase programs may not result in a positive return of capital to stockholders. Our plans to expand our revenue sources through commercializing our market-ready technologies and developing new technology with commercial applicability may not be successful and could materially adversely affect our long-term business, iecc condition and operating results.

On June 2,InterDigital responded in support of the motion as to the addition of MMO to the investigation but opposed the motion to the extent it sought termination of the investigation as to Nokia Corp.

LG filed a petition for a writ of certiorari with the U. The SPC may convene a further hearing before deciding whether to grant a retrial.