IBM System Storage DS Architecture and Implementation. Front Cover. IBM Redbooks, Bertrand Dufrasne. IBM, International Technical Support. Front cover IBM System Storage DS Architecture and Implementation High Density Storage Enclosure 8 Gbps Host Adapters 4-Port Device Adapter. Front cover IBM System Storage DS Architecture and Implementation Learn the DS and DS new and common features Plan, install, and.

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No more drives can be added. There has not been any loss of functionality, but there has been a loss of redundancy. Temperature monitoring also warns the internal microcode of potential environment-related problems.

IBM System Storage DS8000: Architecture and Implementation

The second and third expansion frames can have a maximum of 3. Battery charging In many cases, sufficient charging will occur during the power on self test, operating system systrm, and microcode boot.

On predecessor IBM systems, this error would have caused a checkstop. Scalable upgrades With the DS, it arcuitecture now possible to start with a 2-way configuration with disk enclosures for 48 DDMs, and grow to a full scale, drive 4-frame configuration concurrently.

IBM System Storage DS8000 Architecture and Implementation Front cover

Additional FC host adapter cards can only be installed in the first expansion frame. The second expansion frame can contain up to disk drives. SSDs and other disks cannot be intermixed within the same enclosure pair.

The left frame is a base frame that architectjre the processors.

It ensures that both the DS and implemsntation DS can use a stable and well-proven operating environment, offering optimal availability.

The expansion frames do not contain rack power implsmentation RPC cards. This means that a mini-loop is created between the device adapter port and the disk; see Figure The intention is to only have four spares per DA pair, but this number can increase depending on DDM intermix. The DS has developed a fault that is placing the environment at risk, such as a fire. Performance of the RAID 6 array returns to normal when the data reconstruction, on the spare device, has completed.


Qrchitecture maximum storage efficiency, you should consider allocating volumes that are exact multiples of cylinders. The fans draw air from the front of the frame, through the DDMs, and then move it out through the back of the frame.

Array site 2 in yellow the lighter disksuses the four right DDMs in each enclosure. DS requires an isolated key server in encryption configurations.

IBM System Storage DS Architecture and Implementation Front cover

HDDs are installed in groups of Figure displays a front and rear view of a DS Model with the covers off, displaying the indicated components.

The effectiveness of a read cache depends upon the hit ratio, which is the fraction of requests that are served from the cache without necessitating a read from the disk read miss. The DDMs are 2. You cannot use expansion frames from previous DS models as expansion frames for a DS storage system. The second and third expansion frames can have a maximum of 2. Architecture and Implementation To access the disk arrays under its management, it has its own affiliated device adapters.

When managing a single-tenant installation, the partitioning capability of resource groups can be used to isolate various subsets of the environment as though they were separate tenants. Figure DS HA plug order Fibre Channel is a technology standard that allows data to be transferred from one node to another at high speeds and great distances up to 10 km. The DS base frame supports up to drives, with the first expansion frame supporting up to drives, the second expansion frame supporting up to 1, drives, and the third expansion supporting up to drives, in the size of 2.


This eliminates the need for a storge connection to the remote site solely for the management of FlashCopy. Only the base frame contains rack power control cards RPCs to control power sequencing for the storage unit.

A business class cabling configuration can only be ordered as a base frame with no expansion frames. Hans holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Kaiserslautern. Loading the code bundle. This is discussed further in 4. Multi-pass overwrite of the data disks in the storage system Purging of client data from the server and HMC disks Tip: The overall architecture that connects the components of a storage facility is shown in Figure on page Local site Site A to intermediate site Site B provides high availability replication using synchronous Metro Mirror, and intermediate site Site B to remote site Site C provides long distance disaster recovery replication using asynchronous Global Mirror.

Maintenance and upgrades Chapter This function is a hardware function on the memory controller chip and does not influence normal system memory performance. All ports on each card must be either longwave or shortwave, there is no intermixing of the two types within a card.

However, this RIO-G loop no longer needs to handle data traffic, which greatly improves performance. This feature enables automatic dynamic data relocation capabilities.