grammaticalization, and the book under review is a welcome addition to the steadily In their book, Hopper & Traugott define grammaticalization as ‘the pro-. Traugott ; Hopper & Traugott []), is a basic type of change that may lead to Claims about “constructions” and grammaticalization in earlier work. Grammaticalization: Paul J. Hopper, Elizabeth Closs Traugott, Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics, Cambridge University Press, second ed., [], xx +.

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Synopsis of Hopper & Traugott Chap. 2

These shifts generally follow similar patterns in different languages. As Jespersen put it. My library Help Advanced Book Search. Although unidirectionality is a key element of grammaticalization, exceptions exist. Unity and diversity in grammaticalization scenarios pdf. During the second half of the twentieth century, the study of grammatical change over time became somewhat unfashionable [ attribution needed ]in contrast to structuralist ideas of language change in which grammaticalization did not play a role.

My profile My library Metrics Alerts. It is difficult to capture the term “grammaticalization” in one clear definition see the ‘various views on grammaticalization’ section below. Semantic bleaching, or desemanticization, has been seen from early on as a characteristic of grammaticalization. Email address for updates. Grammaticalization has been defined as “the change whereby lexical items and constructions come in certain linguistic contexts to serve grammatical functions, and, once grammaticalized, continue to develop new grammatical functions”.

Indeed, the possibility of counterexamples, coupled with their rarity, is given as evidence for the general operating principle of unidirectionality. Particular attention is paid to recent debates over directionality in change and the role of grammaticalization in creolization. This is a general introduction to grammaticalization, the change whereby lexical terms and constructions come in certain linguistic contexts to serve grammatical functions, and, once grammaticalized, continue to develop new grammatical functions.


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From describing a narrow set of ideas, it comes to describe an ever broader range of them, and eventually may lose its meaning altogether”. PJ Hopper Glossa 7 2, Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society 13, Syntax and Semantics Ann Arbor, Mich. The authors synthesize work from several areas of linguistics Compare the German verb wollen which has partially undergone a similar path of grammaticalization, and note the simultaneous existence of the non-grammaticalized Modern English verb to will e.

It is believed that the stages on the cline do not always have a fixed position, but vary. This example also illustrates that semantic bleaching of a form in its grammaticalized morphemic role does not necessarily imply bleaching of its lexical hoppfr, and that the two can separate neatly in spite of maintaining identical phonological grammaticalizatoon According to Lyle Campbellhowever, advocates often minimize the counterexamples or redefine them as not being part of the grammaticalization cline.

Grammar slowly developed through four different stages, each in which the grammatical structure grammaticalizatoin be more developed. In chapter I, first some preliminary The overlapping stages of grammaticalization form a chain, generally called a cline. An introductory essay for the volume PJ Hopper Tense-aspect: The final stage of grammaticalization has happened in many languages.

Expanding the Definition of Grammaticalization. The phonetic erosion may bring a brand-new look to the phonological system of a language, by changing the inventory of phones and phonemes, making new arrangements in the phonotactic patterns of a syllable, etc. Although these ‘parameters of grammaticalization’ are often linked to the theory, linguists such as Bybee et al. The various approaches within the rubric ‘construction grammar’ all see language as a network of constructions-pairings of form and meaning.


The last decade has seen a rise in popularity in construction-based approaches to hop;er. HopperElizabeth Closs Traugott No preview available – Retrieved from ” https: Humboldtputting Sino-Tibetan languages in a sharp contrast to the other languages in the world in typology. Meillet’s definition was “the attribution of grammatical character to an erstwhile autonomous word”.

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Includes references and index. Selected pages Title Page. In comparison to various instances of grammaticalization, there are relatively few counterexamples to the unidirectionality hypothesis, and they often seem to require special circumstances to occur. Grammatiicalization work focussed on African languages synchronically from the point of view of grammaticalization. In this cline every item to the right represents a more grammatical and less lexical form than the one to its left.

In addition, most are not limited to grammaticalization but can be applied in the wider context of language change. Grammqticalization 1—20 Show more. Hopper is Thomas S. Later studies in the field have further developed and altered Meillet’s ideas and have introduced many other examples of grammaticalization. A well-known example of grammaticalization is that of the process in which the lexical cluster let usfor example in “let us eat”, is reduced to let’s as in “let’s you and me fight”.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Obligatorification occurs when the use of linguistic structures becomes increasingly more obligatory in the process of grammaticalization.

Finally it became true future grammatifalization in almost all Romance languages and the grammatixalization became a full-fledged inflection cf.

The authors synthesize work from several areas of linguistics.