Buy Heureux les heureux by Yasmina Reza (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. NOTA DE LEITURA. Aqui temos mais um best seller de Yasmina Reza, que nunca faz a coisa por menos. O livrinho é curto ( páginas), mas. The internationally acclaimed playwright and novelist Yasmina Reza stages a .. But enough about my love of her’s, let’s focus on Heureux les Heureux, yet.

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She can lead her lifelike, not always likable, characters from the need for enslavement to the desire for freedom in a few deft strokes. I picture this as a much-longer book that she ruthlessly cut to its barest essentials; we learn just enough about each character to bring them alive and no more.

It’s not about coming up with new ideas, it’s about expressing old ideas in new ways. Discussing a Bridge partnership formed between a husband and wife, the husband says “our partnership has failed to produce a single spark but it’s wreaked havoc on my arteries” “We don’t talk enough about the influence of place on our affections.

Mi sono mentalmente passata in rassegna. This woman has a way with words and just manages to encapsulate the human condition in the most brilliant and rawest manner. Reza captures the way boredom and restlessness creep into the broken rules meant to spice things up. Archived from the original on 25 December Cumulatively they reveal secret passions, a myriad disappointments and a propensity for infidelity that will do nothing to alter the perception — right or wrong — that the French are a nation of philanderers.

This must be satirical, right? You can turn that idea over and over in your mind.

“Heureux les Heureux” by Carole Bouquet

Situazioni grottesche ma credibili. Riferimenti espliciti alle Elegie duinesi di Rilke e a Giorni felici di Beckett. We never find out if Virginie succeeds in disengaging led from Robert or becoming attached to Vincent. It would be fair to say that despite the title — inspired by a poem by Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges — there’s not a lot of happiness in the book. And since I knew there were things I wished I could change about the previous plays, I was heurekx would have a chance to fix what I considered to be mistakes.

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At the end, the widow’s reaction to the sudden end of her loveless marriage is genuinely moving and believable. Retrieved November 3, heureyx Ernest Blotcasado com Jeanette. From this point of view you might say I have evolved. Mi sono anche ricordata che un tempo non riuscivo mai a rispondergli in modo deciso.

Robert Toscano, a journalist under deadline, argues with his wife Odile in yssmina cheese section of the supermarket because he picked up Morbier cheese instead of Gruyere — an ordinary decision that reveals the cracks in their partnership. His name is Vincent Zawada.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Old characters seem to stand for a past where changing the world also mattered, but there is something highly depressing in a novel about people’s inner preoccupations in which the word patrie “homeland” appears only once in the mouth of an old and dying, formerly stateless Jewand where entrepreneurship especially self-entrepreneurship is only mentioned en passantonly to be ridiculed by the characters.

Reza offers 18 Parisians the rzea to express their discontents solo. So the tale continues, with the reader following in snakes-and-ladders fashion, backtracking occasionally to recall who is unhappily involved with whom.

Since then it has been produced world-wide and translated into 20 languages. All get their chapter.

E lo fa con una scrittura piana, facile, tanto da sembrare la mia, la tua, la nostra vita. A quien te hiriere en la mejilla derecha, puedes volverle la otra, siempre que no yawmina mueva el temor. Trivia About Happy are the Happy. The Toscanos compare themselves to their friends the Heureud, who seemingly have the perfect life.

Because the characters know one another intimately—as friends, lovers, spouses—each successive voice complicates our understanding of the other characters, and raises new questions of its own.

I mean no-one really talks or acts like this, do they? When we hear Pascaline use the pet name as she and her husband leave the hospital, Jacob still inside, it is startling for its plangency — whom else does she have? Each chapter is told from a different character’s point of view. So when I went home, I took all my Borges off the shelf. Wuthering Heightswhich I consider a masterpiece, is my favorite example of this technique: The author Yasmina Reza says that Borges taught her fiction, like joy, is borne of mysterious, instinctual processes achieved in an unconscious state.


Each chapter is a person recounting their inner world over a certain period of time which overlaps with other characters but which also moves backwards via memories and forwards via hopes and fears. To that extent, Reza’s writing is as heureuz as it gets to a “natural history” of things people say when they struggle to assert their way to analyze the world. This page was last edited on 28 Decemberat La puerta es la que elige, no el hombre.

I guess this may be due to the translation from French into Yasminz. But as the reader is hypnotized by the voices that make up the plot, he will discover some unexpected relationships.

Yasmina Reza – Wikipedia

Reza, as you’d expect, creates moments of intense drama, exhibiting the tensions and conflicts crackling through lives. Ha scrollato le spallecome fosse l’ultima destinazione che uno potesse concepire. Si tratta soprattutto di coppie altoborghesi fra loro diverse ma, a giudicare dal titolo, con un mai raggiunto obiettivo comune: Immediately I decided to take it as a title. E’ possibile, anzi probabile, che io mi sia perso in nel puzzle.

Thursday 8 Novemberat 8: Oes try to pay attention to that impulse, and move towards it when we can. Happy are the happy. She can conjure emotions and even here reveal uasmina us those beyond suspicion and the unsuspected. Translated by John Cullen. You might also like.