When that Christian becomes spiritual, he will need no exhortation; but himself becomes an exhorter both by precept and example. Christians, as a whole, are. A Review of Lewis Sperry Chafer’s “He That Is Spiritual”. Benjamin B. Warfield ( ). The following review appeared in The Princeton Theological. He explores what the Bible says about the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of a Title: He That Is Spiritual; Author: Lewis Sperry Chafer; Publisher: Moody Press.

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His blood answers the last demand of a holy God. This is but another term meaning the life of true spirituality. Thhat cannot be normal physically, mentally or spiritually if we neglect this vital factor in human life. In the Scriptures his sin is laid bare and with it his broken and contrite heart.

The one passage bearing on this aspect of the Spirit’s work Second Thessalonians 2: It lewiss probable that the “gifts” enumerated in the Bible were the outstanding manifestations of the Spirit according to the conditions and time when the record was written. And the Pharisees and scribes murmured, saying, This man receiveth sinners, and eateth with them.

In the demands of the lam, there is no consideration of the most vital activities which are anticipated under grace — prayer, a life of faith, and soul-winning service. Self-judgment Saves from Chastisement I Corinthians There is soerry indication that this baptizing ministry of the Spirit would be undertaken a second time. This confusion is also reflected today in the unbalanced and unbiblical theories which are held by some ny.

Human energy could never produce “living waters,” and certainly not in “rivers. Spirituality is not a pious pose.

The fact that the sins of Christians must be cleansed by Christ alone is revealed in John Thanks for telling us about the problem. We have just been told that revelation is by the Spirit. The emphasis falls upon the shepherd, rather than upon the sheep; upon the woman, rather than upon the lost piece of silver; and upon the father, rather than upon either son. We are told to stand fast in the blessed liberty in Christ. As Christ is now located at the right hand of God, though omnipresent, so the Spirit, though omnipresent, is now locally abiding in the world, in a temple, or habitation, of living stones Ephesians 2: So far as the record goes, no person in that whole period had any choice, or expected to have any choice, in the sovereign movements of the Spirit.


There is not one standard of life for one class of believers, and another standard of life for another class of believers.

He that is Spiritual – Lewis Sperry Chafer – Google Books

These Israelites were blameless through the animal sacrifices which anticipated the death of Christ. The sperryy book on the subject… There is simply no other to compare.

It is important to note that His first teaching concerning a Christian’s present relationship to God was concerning the cleansing of defilement, thus signifying its importance in the divine estimation. The preceding verses of the context First Corinthians 1: They are the “fruit of the Spirit. How misleading is the theory that to be spiritual one must abandon play, diversion and helpful amusement!

Apart from whole dependence upon God we shall be entangled in fleshly efforts which is a return to the principles and requirements of the law. It is not suppression: No other divine undertaking in salvation is so far reaching in its effect.

However the Spirit knows them First Corinthians 2: Salvation is by Faith a and lewiz II. The very service of the Christian, like his salvation, has been designed in the eternal plan and purpose of God: Being so vitally related to the Spirit of God as to have Him abiding within, it is possible, because of that fact, to come to know “the things that are freely given to us of God.

All divine forgiveness whether toward the unsaved or the saved, is now based on the shed blood of Christ. The divine precepts will then be kept by the power of God.


Such an attitude on the part of the Son of God toward the eternal riches must, if reproduced in the Christian, affect largely his attitude toward earthly riches. The Ephesian passage reads thus: How important is the injunction, “Be filled with the Spirit”! The power of God is working in such a believer, “both to will and to do of his good pleasure. In this reviewer’s mind, the change from carnality to spirituality is evidently confused with Christian growth.

Third, believers have received the Spirit who knows, in order that they too may fhafer the deep things of God First Corinthians 2: Should spiritual darkness be experienced apart from the consciousness of any particular sin having been committed, it is the privilege of the Christian to pray for a clearer understanding.


There is, then, the possibility of a great transition for those who are carnal into the reality of true spiritual living. Sixth, a carnal Christian is born again and possesses the indwelling Spirit; but his carnality hinders the full ministry of the Spirit First Corinthians 3: Thus the meaning of Pentecost includes, as well, the beginning of the baptizing ministry of the Spirit bu God.

John, the expert witness with regard to the blessedness of unbroken communion and fellowship with the Father and with His Son, writes these things that we also may have fellowship. The cbafer needs no law to prohibit him from returning to the former state; lweis sadly indeed do we discover that there is the presence in us of the flesh which must be kept in all subjection by the power of God.