Hi Friends, We are pleased to announce a new build of Harbour MiniGUI Extended Edition. It is a regularly scheduled maintenance and bugfix. Some time later, I’ve began experimenting with Harbour-C interface and MinGW compiler. I’ve finally realized that my old “dream” could be possible. Create a. Harbour MiniGUI `extended` (MinGW32 bundle). Contribute to Petewg/MgM development by creating an account on GitHub.

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The Tab control supports the adding of ToolTip to separate page instead to all Tab. I had so much of works before hand and I was involved in them for about harboru year. Can you believe that this forum had been created in just 2 days time?

We joined that course which was for six months, conducted on Saturdays and Sundays. Various sources for Harbour Minigui. However, I could not stop dreaming about creating a full fledged Windows program eliminating the dark DOS command box.

How to build harbour for windows. Menu Skip to content. However, I had created software for many of my friends. I had earned some money from my programs too.



It was in the mid,I could get an internet connection with a dial up modem. I could not link with my existing dbf tables and dropped.

Mas imammohon maaf saat ini saya memang cenderung fokus untuk mempelajari minigui extended dan berbagai turunannya dalam operating system window harboru untuk linux memang saya sudah pelajari tapi belum terlalu fokus. This site uses cookies. Harbour Community in Google Plus. Apart from this mouse functionality, the library had so many small utilities like sorting multiple arrays, finding out Day of the week like that.

Function PutFile supports an optional 5-th parameter for default filename.

Harbour MiniGUI | Viva Clipper !

I read all the messages from various users of the library. As you know, my income is not based on harboud, since basically I am a Chartered Accountant and managing business. It was a Costing hatbour in Excel with about sheets, everything interlinked. Untuk database MS SQL saya belum mencoba dan atas masukan mas fajar saya akan coba membikin dan samplenya saya akan upload codingnya di blog iniinsya allah minggu depan yaaaa.

Like Harbour, HMG has forks: Only at that time, I had realized about the importance of Database programming. Isikan data di bawah atau klik salah satu ikon untuk log in: It is wonderful to use your Harbour Minigui Library, an open source library for Harbour.


This button can use images icons or bitmaps and text together. Courtesy of author, this article borrowed from here. I could not abandon SuperLib too, since all of my projects were linked with this library. Individual context menu for controls excluding Frame: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

In my humble opinion, this model minitui perfectly with xBasebecause the goal of the original dBase creators was to obtain the maximum power with minigi minimum programming effort.

Harbour Minigui |

In the mean time, I had a dream of using GUI in my programming. It require the knowledge of the low-level operating system internals. Groups and mailling lists: All the software projects listed above where developed by me during the period from till now.