Hadees-e-qudsi (Signs of Allah): English translation of Urdu book, Khuda ki baatein. Khuda kī bāten English. Ahmad Said, · Save to Lists. حديثِ قدسی Hadith-E-Qudsi Of The Week 26 of 40 – Urdu · حديثِ قدسی Hadith-E- Qudsi Of The Week 27 of 40 – Urdu · حديثِ قدسی Hadith-E-Qudsi. Hadees e Qudsi – posted in Islam: Blogs RSS feed · Help · Community Forum Software by Licensed to: UrduPoint Network.

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From what do they ask protection of Me? Fasting is like a shield, and he who fasts has two joys: And if he draws near to Hadeew an arm’s length, I draw near to him a fathom’s length. From Your Hell-fire, O Lord. The Prophetic version is related by Muslim.

Allah’s Saying : O My Servants [Hadith e Qudsi] (حدیثِ قُدسی)

Nadees do not regard those who have been killed in the cause of Allah as dead, rather are they alive with their Lord, being provided for Quran Chapter 3 Verse Ibn Masud about this verse: O Prophet of Allah, is it because of the dislike of death, for all of us dislike death? The Messenger of Allah may the blessings and peace of Allah be upon him led the morning prayer for us at al-Hudaybiyah following rainfall during the night.

It was related by Muslim also by al-Bukhari. The qudsj is a collection of 40 Hadith Qudsi. It was related by Muslim also by Ibn Majah. Your Web browser is not enabled for JavaScript.

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The son of Adam denied Me and he had no right to do so. A man from among those who were before you was called to account.

Iyyaka na budu wa iyyaka nasta in 6He says: It was related by an-Nasa’i with a hades chain of authorities. My servant has submitted to My power. Among the many definitions given by the early scholars to Sacred Hadith is that of as-Sayyid ash-Sharif al-Jurjani died in A.

As for penury, the Hour Day of Judgement will not arrive before one of you takes his charity around without finding anyone to accept it from him. There is no god but Allah and who has hadeex his heart goodness weighing an atom. And when he says: And he will look to his right and will see nothing but Hell-fire, then he will im to his left and will see nothing but Hell-fire, so let each of you protect himself against Hell-fire, be it with even half a date – and if he finds it not, then with a kind word.

Thus he who does an action for someone else’s sake as well as Mine will have that action renounced by Me to him qudsj he associated with Me.

Then Allah glorified and exalted be He say: Then He said to the earth: I am as My servant thinks I am.


Recite it to yourself, for I have heard the Prophet may the blessings and peace of Allah be up on him say: Dhulm in which one wrongs oneself Allah swt may forgive, or He may punish us for. O My servants, all of you are naked except those whom I have clothed.

O My servants, you will not be able to harm Me so as to bring any harm to Me and you will be able to benefit Me so as to bring any benefit to Me. I am not in a position [to do that] – and he will mention the talking of a life other that for a life Quran Chapter 28 Versesand he will fell ashamed in the sight of his Lord and will say: Search WorldCat Find items in libraries near you.

Forty Hadith Qudsi

O Lord, we would like for You to put back our souls into our bodies so that we might fight for Your sake once again. It was related by Muslim also by at-Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah. My servant So-and-so asked you to give him to drink and you gave him not to drink.

So I shall admit them into Paradise.