This was when he was offering the Building the Gymnastic Bodies Handstand One (H1) is designed to develop a free-standing handstand. Has anyone tried GB Foundation programs? I have a question in relation to the weekly schedule. Since I’d already started it, I decided to stick with Gymnastic Bodies. For example, one of the Foundation program’s progressions is Front.

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Charles Poliquin for instance often talks about the importance of changing your workouts with every cycle and how this can protect you against injuries.

The rest of this post has more detailed notes and opinions on the different GB programs which I’ve tried.

But only if you have been recovering fast enough from your first 6 week block.

This is going to be brutal. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Again, there are some useful bits, but not enough to justify the price. My favourite exercise of this block for discovering the importance of the glutes for holding the legs in position, was the Straddle Up. Some of his muscleup work seemed a little equipment intensive, too.

The thing with bodyweight, is progression or no, it’s very hard gymnqsticbodies scale to ‘just right’ whereas with weights it’s very easy to scale.

As for the general attitude of GB, I think enough has been said already. Especially F1 and some of F2.


I had to eventually decided to choose one; the planche OR the front lever. But I don’t think I’ve seen anyone else finish that program. Who cares, move on. Sounds like F1 would be good for you to try. Diet — I tracked my daily calorie intake, roughly.

I got it from GMB, which calls it “high frogger”. Being a perfectionist is certainly not helped in any way by the forum coaches anal observations, haha. Something I have discovered is that improved pike compression leads to more effective straddle stretches.

If anything, the only proof I have seen Ido Portal post is videos of his clients working with him for 6 months, 1 year, 2 years and 3 years. Yes, my password is: How do I calculate which week to start at? I would love to hear somebody that had success and steady progress with Foundation and moving beyond F1 to get a different point of view.

Deck Squat — 5 x 15 reps. My goal has always been to continue to improve my strength, but to also find something that could assist me with my mobility…. I also promised to talk about my nerdy system of tracking it, but this piece ran long so I’ll come back to that in a later post.

GymnasticBodies — Foundation One , anyone do it?

Then tell me – how come F2-F4 forums are so dead? This usually works out to about an hour a day. Three models of varying levels of flexibility perform each movement under his guidance. P0TAT0Jan 13, Once you master those elements, straddle ups should fpundation a piece of cake.

My Gymnastic Bodies Review

Saturdays you get a quiz and Sundays are off. Regarding 12 weeks per progression; sure, it can take that long, it can take longer, it can take less. No WiFi or signal in your gym?


Which one of the crazy exercises are you wanting to learn? I look at this as a different humbling challenge. Straddle ups should realistically be place at some point further down in MN progression for this reason. If it takes people 6 months to add those last few reps perhaps one should increase base strength. All of the above is presented exclusively via the GB website, with no way to download any of the videos.

GymnasticBodies — Foundation One , anyone do it? | Sherdog Forums | UFC, MMA & Boxing Discussion

Submit a gymnasticbkdies text post. The least flexible of the models in the videos is much more flexible than I am. Apparently it is a major deal breaker for the majority of foumdation GB community. I would say my main goal with training is aesthetics first and then function second. I followed the Foundation One training programme, which aims to get you physically prepared for the 7 key positions found in gymnastics.

I know for a fact that many people who bought the programs are not following them anymore simply because they made zero progress. So, yeah, where’s that leave me?