Arinze Onebunne [email protected] There is a new wave in Nigeria – that of grasscutter breeding. Grasscutter farming in. Hire Grasscutter Farming professionals in Nigeria. Grasscutter Farming near me – Get Quotes, Compare prices, work experience, ratings, reviews & hire a pro. List of grasscutters farming in Nigeria. Find addresses, telephones, contacts and locations.

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Is it really that cheap?

Grasscutter Farming In Nigeria: Comprehensive Business Plan

How can I get your number sir Reply. To achieve this, a new farmer must lay emphasis on the choice of breeding stock. Colonies normally consist of one male and three females.

They were usually hunted down, caught, and then sold to buyers. Grasscutters feed mainly on grass. Thanks for the write up. CD3DC0 Share your story with us: I will try it. You are protected, in the unfortunate event that there are damages when using our service.

Pls enlighten me if it is possible to start the grasscuter business behind my house where I still have little nnigeria in the compound and or with a room apartment in the house. I learnt inbreeding is not allowed in grasscutter farming.


Grasscutter farming: Low cost, big returns

The male is the engine of reproduction, a healthy male makes a healthy stock. To protect them from the invasion of soldier ants, you may pour black engine oil around their houses, especially at night during raining season mostly.

This article ngieria address that. With only about o. After reading this article, you need between 6 — 12 months to make at least one million naira in this business. Thumb up to u.

Grasscutter feeds mostly on fresh succulent grasses and plant roots. There are a lot of people marketing their grasscutters online. As noted, this article is not an entire process, but a comprehensive first guide.

In fact they can grow well I normal environment. Peva – December 21st, at 9: Please I will be so happy if you write article or journal on health management in grasscutter.

Professionals in with selected filters businesses found. We sell grass cutters for affordable price for those that are willing to start up grass cutter farming we sell in colony and single you can come down to the farm for inspection and we ffarming do nation wide delivery to any location thanks …contact for more info on Reply.

Grasscutter farming is one among the usually overlooked agribusinesses that flips in high revenues. Iyiola Omotunde December 1, Even if you have a job, you can still keep a few grasscutters in your backyard and make extra money.


Petsr Ikoko Opia July 23, Stan Edom – September 4th, at 9: Thanks for the information. The major challenges of grasscutter are the technicalities involved in running a grasscutter farm and also the grasscutfer of pests and diseases.

I want to buy healthy and good specie of Grascutter where do I get it from. Feeding is the most integral part of Grasscutter farmijg in Nigeria, just like anywhere else. They should all contain separate grasscutter colonies, and be built in such a way that the temperature remains stable at all times. Thank you for the commendation Blessing.

How To Start Grasscutter Farming In Nigeria (Complete Guide)

Grasscutters are generally great for rearing because of their fast reproduction rate which begins about seven months fadming birth. Joshua December 6, Very helpful… You guys rock so much, keep repping us. Victor Cross River Reply.