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Although the story is meant to focus on David and Kat, the parents are such a strong focus as well. Normally the male dominate is the one to teach the submissive woman who she is and what she craves. Aug 03, Katie rated it really liked it Shelves: At tenerational, I thought the heroine Kat was a very damaged woman.

I promise it was not intentional.

Sweet, beautiful and innocent on the outside. I didn’t understand at all why she wanted love the way she did.

Generational Sins by Samantha Blair

However, both storylines were so interesting that I was dying to get back to both of sanantha. The spankings and submission is truly what Kat needed. The chapters are short, and while in general I’m a reader who loves depth and gfnerational, the concise, well-crafted writing means you learn what you need to know: Sometimes Love Hurts For years David’s abusive genfrational taught him that women were merely toys designed to be discarded after use.

The only thing that some may find distracting is how each chapter ends up from two different time periods, so you are getting a story of the past and then the present with each chapter. David and Kat are both in college when they meet, starting off as lab partners.

Generational Sins 1 Samantha Blair

Apr 15, NiteReader rated it liked it Shelves: I really appreciated that. The secondary male xins, the father, was an abusive asshole and reading about his overbearing. In order to save her beloved man and his mother from abuse, she was willing to get through the plenty of humiliation and trauma. Having said all that it did grab my attention and I wanted to know generatioal it was heading, i even cheered at one point you’ll understand if you read it.


One thing that I appreciated, was that the female protagonist was NOT naive nor always doubting herself about what to say, what to do, etc.

He couldn’t stand up to his daddy for anyone. And Abuse is only to fulfill the needs of one person, the one who does the beating etc. David realizes the minute he meets Kat that she is more then just genertional piece of meat to have his way with and immediately becomes fascinated with her. Maybe because I haven’t read too many bdsm novels before or because I’ve only read the “good” side of bdsm.

Generational Sins

That one person who knows you better than you can sometimes know yourself. Now I am not trying to insult the author here. Mom is also an abused doormat. It is rare that we blzir a strong female in a book that can take the lead the way Kat does. Jun 03, Katie rated it did not like it Shelves: David is untrained and inexperienced as a Dominant.

It weaved its way into a perfect story and generaional me yearning for the next chapter. Aug 24, Kathy rated it it was amazing.

Blxir I re-read this book: This work in whole or in part may not be reproduced without written permission from the author. We have this long drawn out mentally draining story, a great story, but the end was wrapped up so quickly that I can’t skns but be little upset about that.

Yes that all made sense to me, but by that point I just didn’t care. Outside his family, his a hero to people around him, but inside his house, he act like everything is merely possession. While this has the story of David and Kat there is the serious subject of abuse.



This was a big fail because the characters simply didn’t act in any sort of believable, emotionally valid way to the situations the author put them in. It went beyond what he or she wanted but down to her core of what she needed.

I am all for the brooding male Dom, but I will have to admit, this one was a little tough for me at times. I was warned about the first chapter so I knew what to expect, but it was still a hugely confronting scene that really set the tone for Richard and everyone’s relationship with him.

I tried to hold back my expectations, but it just didn’t work. Sep 14, Lucia rated it liked it. I truly felt that David and Kat loved each other more than words can express I was really hoping Generational Sin was going to be that kind of dark and disturbing book I realized that in the en I would like to start out by saying that this is my very 1st review on goodreads.

The story was interesting but not so much that I didn’t put it down for 4 days and read other things. Want to Read saving…. His father being a controlling and abusive man has taught David how women should be treated.

This is not to siins that all their reactions didn’t make dins to me because some did. Oct 09, Daisy Sloan rated it did not like it Shelves: I would love to read more books with this style of narration. Maybe not the usual set up, but I felt every emotions.

Can I formulate a story arch, create characters and put those details to paper?