Mitsubishi FR-SF spindle drive manual. Uploaded by. Zeynel Ulusoy. USA- E* AC SPINDLE DRIV TROUBLESHOOTING, i A D V A N C E D AND . Hi Guys, I Replaced the power supply (SF-PW) on this spindle drive about 3 months ago and it was working fine for the last 3 months. For the. Mitsubishi vector Inverter Motor (SF-V5RU Series), English, , MB. FR -A/F/E/D SERIES TECHNICAL MANUAL, English,

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Note If the spindle hunts when the motor is stopped by the orientation operation, the selection of the mounting direction of frerqol orientation detector is inverted.

Name Setting Description I! Note The following defective situations 1 can be considered. Note The parameter 00 becomes valid just after it is set to 1.

Note When the 12 5Off link- plifier has not been spindle amplifier age installed occurs. Determines the direction of the spindle rotation for position loop motor command direction G For the setting values, see “Parameter list” provided with the controller. The machine is in E-stop state; any thoughts freqrool what it could be? The orien- tation stop position deviates. Note Before using the check pins, the power of the amplifier should have been turned off. Now that the data set operation has been completed.

Powered gr-sf and all looked good. I figured must be a transformer again so I checked them but they seemed ok.


The motor stops with a hunting. See Appendixes and l Although an alarm appears, after turning on and off the power or resetting the equipment, the equipment normally works. In EHG, in-position aint exci- output is held. Faint exci- output is held.


The signal cable is not o In the same manner as the o Correctly sheild the signal 4 correctly shielded. Freqrok off on spindle drive.

The speed control system o Observe and check the signal 0 Decrease the parameter is unstable and an over- between the speed signal values of the speed loop shoot occurs.

If the spindle encoder is meter not used, 0 1: This item was removed from aWorking Machine, and i Note When changing dr-sf, it is necessary to change those on the parameter list at the same time.

The motor speed does not D In the same manner as the 0 In the same manner as Sec- 2 accord with that being Item 1 above, check the tion 1. Now you can access meau. This time the screen goes completely blank.

Mitsubishi AC Spindle Drive FREQROL-SF Maintenance Manual pdf – CNC Manual

Note 2 Since other volume have been set at factory, do not adjust them. Only parts that are deemed to be repairable can be replaced.

Check your electrical manual. The built-in encoder Section parameter 00 becomes valid just after it is set to “ll. BIt takes 1 set or more until tht command of the forward rotation signal, reverse rotation signal or orientation signal is received after the ready ON state. The orientation stop position deviates from 3 the specific position. When the orientation time is long because the time period point b to c on which the spindle rotates at a creep speed, increase OSP and PGl in the man- ner that the spindle doesn’t overrun when it stops.


Mitsubishi AC Spindle Drive FREQROL-SF Maintenance Manual

The part should be replaced every 5 years. To link the bus: The following cable con- o Check the wire breakage or D Replace the signal cable nections are defective.

Login to Your Account. Between CH15 – CH9: I can’t find any fuses or trip switches anywhere but something must be gone somewhere. In the synchronous tap state, Kp and ki magnifica- tions which are differ from those of the orienta- tion are set. When the power is turned on, the display on the operation panel does not indicate rota- 2 tions in the status display mode as shown in 1.

Rewrites the contents of a parameter. O loop mode, position loop switch for mode: Set the spindle parameter s-gear to 1. Inverter side See Appendix 9 l. The motor over- shoots in speed. The output voltage of o Measure the voltage between D Check the cause of the un- 2 the amplifier is un- any two points of the wires balanced output voltage and balance.

Load meter output 1ov 1: Yeah strange about the used Transistors, considering he has no negative feed back and pages of positive stuff. Set freqro, idjust orientation for the respective rear. The cable connections 3 Visually check the cable con- 3 Correctly connect the between the amplifier fr-s.

NC screen standard setting: After it is turned on, the parameters are validated.