I am coming to Heyer in the opposite way, after reading countless romances, including many Regencies. Frederica is the first book I have read by Georgette. After reading Frederica I thanked my lucky stars that Georgette Heyer was such a prolific writer and that she lived a long life. She wrote over The orphaned Frederica has arrived in London in the hopes of . If you read no other novel by Georgette Heyer, it should probably be this one.

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Also my favorite Heyer. He’s completely loveable when he talks to the boys, super in control when he deals with Charis, and just completely heart-melting whenever he talks to Frederica. Dammit Charles you’re not helping at all here! What Lord Alverstoke didn’t expect is that they would completely change him without fredegica trying.

Frederica, by Georgette Heyer – A Review | Austenprose – A Jane Austen Blog

Is Alverstoke brilliant or what! No trivia or quizzes yet. I only wish Heyer had allowed the new lovers more time together at the end, and a little more intimacy but so it goes with Austen and Heyer. We’re not really connected for real, you know. This book will forever be known in our family as “the one with the dog”. Lord Alverstoke dislikes being bored immensely, and as he is titled, rich, and handsome, it is very easy for him to avoid those things that bore him most, including family, favors, and caring.


Woman’s Brothers get into trouble, The Heyer binge continues, but either my stamina is flagging, or bg one just wasn’t as much to my taste. Lufra is a great Heyer dog, only second to Ulysses, who had such a lot of personality.

Desert Isle Keeper

Will you please launch Charis and me into society? When Alverstoke is all, “Oh my god, I don’t love her, but I want to do everything I can to make her life easier. Georgette is at her best writing about young fredeerica and dogs.

Ooh heyy there you are, I brought your dog back!

She has no thought of marriage at all. Frederica remained calm in times of stress, but knew when to laugh things off. Lord Alverstoke, on the other hand But before The Ball, there is this hilarious episode about Frederica bringing their dog Lufra to heorgette Green Park, where she didn’t know there were cows because the deceitful guide-book forgot to mention it! His vocalization of the marquess is a bit stuffier than I would like, and occasionally he veers off into Winston Churchill territory, but he does a very nice job with all of the female voices and especially with the two cute young boys who, for my money, make this a standout geotgette.

Although the Marquis believes he has zero interest in children, the boys keep sucking him into schemes and rescues and he grows quite fond of them. Some are horrible one of Alverstoke’s sisters and a hypochondriac cousinothers wonderful his secretary, the third sister, Chloe and so onsome funny Endymion and that’s only the ones that have greater roles here.


Sophy is unattainable; Frederica is not. Do you remember any of the plot?

Frederica (novel) – Wikipedia

This is my first Georgette Heyer book, though I’ve seen them around. The characters seem real. I have to say that I shared his impatience with Charis — beautiful and well-mannered though she might be; the girl was a bit of a dim bulb. There is no vy sensuality, no love at first sight, no instant lust. The novel ends on a most satisfying note, and I can think of no better way of spending a chilly winter evening — wrapped in a down comforter with my pooch sleeping by my side — than georgtete this gem of a book.

I knew I would love Frederica way before I started it. What he needs is a distraction. The Merrivilles are liked by everyone for their easy and engaging manners and geeorgette breeding.

The Merrivales, a family of solid social standing, have fallen into unhappy financial straits, and the marriage might deliver them from this situation. Read in Sometimes you encounter a fictional character and the experience changes you.

I suppose that is what I am! His oldest sister is Lady Augusta Jevington, a commanding, arrogant matron nearing The boys she has hheyer virtually single-handed I loved the book and hero and heroine.