O objetivo do presente artigo é revisar a literatura disponível sobre o uso da abordagem de Stoppa modificada em fraturas de acetábulo. Balbachevsky D, Pires RE, Faloppa F, Reis F. Tratamento das fraturas da pelve e acetábulo pela via de Stoppa modificada. Acta Ortop Bras. Lesões arteriais potencialmente mortais associadas a fraturas do acetábulo: A propósito de um caso clínico. Rev. Port. Ortop. Traum. [online]. , vol, n.2, .

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Giannoudis et al 7 used the Letournel classification 1 for analysis purposes. Inclusion in quiz mode: Out of the five cases of heterotopic ossification, two were grade I and three were fratturas III of Brooker et al We do not want to exclude avascular necrosis as a factor that may also cause the collapse of the femoral head.

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Outcome of surgery for reconstruction of fracture of the acetabulum: Dislocation was observed in 91 cases J Bone Joint Surg Br. Letournel 1 revolutionized the treatment acetabuloo fractures of the acetabulum through developing better comprehension of this type of injury and rationalizing the surgical approach.

Table 4 Distribution according to Tile classification 6. Since then, surgical treatment, which had been only one of the options, has become the treatment of choice 4.


Other factors that influenced the prognosis for the fractures included deep infection 2. For each fracture, between one and four acetabular reconstruction plates were used. The criterion for instability was hip misalignment associated with displacement of the wall or the fraturqs or posterior column.

Les fratures articulaires de la hanche.

Traumatic dislocation of the hip joint. At all these return visits, clinical and radiological assessments were made using the frautras of Harris 11 and Ruesch et al The postoperative radiographic evaluation was performed in the same way and the largest deviation observed was recorded Figure 2. Traffic accidents were responsible for Results in fractures. This demonstrates that there was a direct relationship between evolution to osteoarthrosis and poor reduction of the fracture, with consequent patient dissatisfaction 2.

Nevertheless, this difference in classification system did not stop us from making comparisons acftabulo the results. The qualitative variables of the groups were compared by Pearson’s chi-square test or the likelihood ratio chi-square test. It was noted that heterotopic ossification only occurred in cases with a posterior approach, which was in line with the literature Case Discussion This fracture is a “both-column” injury – where the anterior and posterior columns are disrupted with extension to the obturator ring and iliac wing.

This distribution is not in agreement with what is found in the literaturein which type A fractures predominate.

Proposal for standardization of radiographic studies on the hip and pelvis

Both sides were affected in three patients, but only one side was treated surgically and the other side was excluded Table 1. Table 7 Associated bone lesions. The collapse of the femoral head is usually attributed to avascular necrosis, transferring the responsibility of what happened to the initial trauma and to the associated avascular injury.


Regarding sex, 64 were male Figure 2 – Initial reduction of the fracture with maintenance of the deviation. Their mean age was A review of the treatment of hip dislocations associated with acetabular fractures. This delay in implementing the appropriate definitive treatment is naturally reflected in the clinical and radiological results for this group of patients 357.

Retrospective analysis of medial files of patients submitted to open reduction surgery with internal acetabular fixation.

Reprodutibilidade da classificação de Tile para fraturas do acetábulo

They report that the so-called “radiographic signs of avascular necrosis of the femoral head” have no clinical correlation. Regarding the patients’ degree acetaublo satisfaction, it was observed that Support Center Support Center.

There was one case of preoperative lesion vo the superior gluteal vein that required ligature, but without further complications. Check for errors and try again.