5 THREE LETTERS FROM STUDENTS OF FRANCES LARIMER WARNER . the clue, and 15 1 16 Our Invisible Supply it rests with me to overcome finally. In this extremely hard to find sequel to her popular Our Invisible Supply: How to Obtain, Frances Larimer Warner expands on many of the. Our Invisible Supply by Frances Larimer Warner, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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BookDB marked it as to-read Oct 30, This stuff has been around a long time evidently and really seems to work. Yes, I think it is Self-ish or allowing the Lafimer to manifest itself as all good to us, as it is ever trying to do, and what others say or think about it makes no difference to me.

If each man thought he was sent to this spot to make it a bit more sweet, How soon we could gladden the world, how easily right all wrong, If nobody shirked, and each one worked to help his fellows along.

Our Invisible Supply : How to Obtain

Reformatted and typeset for easy reading. Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can’t offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. My beUef in lack, and want of a home, deprived me of every comfort until very recently I have de- manded because of my divine right to all good, and have realized, not by constant aflSrmation, but by a method of my own, discovered earner ten years of almost constant meditation, con- centration, and experimenting with the Law.

Just try for one week letting all of these worries alone and see if it is not in result like that of nature’s sweet restorer, sleep. I have discovered, too, that one must be positive in their statements. There’s a problem loading this menu right now.

To desire a piece of money for tribute, a pipe organ, loaves, fishes, a ring or any other material possession simply for the sake of selfish enjoy- ment would seem childish in the extreme, and to be able to demonstrate for that end alone would be impossible, since the time and depth of research required to enable one to reaUy demonstrate would, as a natural corollary, compd the highest ideals. I love the teachings, the world needs them, and y 14 Our Invisible Supply I would like to do my share in giving them out.


OU really knew what I needed, for your letter haa gqne to the spot and has really done me naore good than most things that have come into my path- way for years.

Yes, I do think, if you have not yet had oarimer instruction, it might help you to realize perhaps, and yet if you can but grasp and act upon what I have written in my several letters and study Our Invisibls Supply earnestly the Cady lessons, especially the chapter on faith, you cannot fail to realize.

Explore the Home Gift Guide. You have set the stand- ard for your happiness under the pale of natural law.

Our Invisible Supply : Frances Larimer Warner :

Boldly take frqnces its mask, and you will be glad that you have this problem to solve. Account Options Sign in. You ask for my terms for instruction. Try it and see! I say no, no, no!

Our Invisible Supply: How to Obtain by Frances Larimer Warner

Do you not think that your realization of your “heart hunger” for companionship may be delayed because of your too great sense of separateness? Your notification has been sent Lulu Invisibpe has been notified of a possible violation of the terms of our Membership Agreement.

We also ask that you: What makes Biblio different? It makes no difference to It whether it forms itself into a hovel or mansion, congenial or uncongenial work, since we are not to be deprived of free moral agency, or choice. She began proving the creativeness of mind by never allowing a table, chair, or anjrthing else to stand where the piano was to manifest itself, and never entered the room without seeing vividly the expression of a piano there.

Any type of Customisation is possible. As long as we limit and fear to use the symbol of wealth, how can the real substance flow? In the author’s own words Let us send up a lariker, “We thank thee, Father, that thou hast heard us, and we know that thou hearest us always. Well, since faith was the law to be applied to the fulfillment of my desires, how was I to apply it?

Then we must comply with that Law in Older to reap the benefit of it, or rather we must not oppose it. Well, the last time I went to this place I deter- mined to find one of these particular and much coveted shells, and said so in no half-hearted way, to the friend with us. I did not once question as to how all this was to come about, as that invisiblw no concern of mine since I had been invited to prove the Spirit through Mai.


If you think this has cleared away the fog that your questions indicated, and is worth yoiu: I too concentrated for two years or more on EmiUe Cady’s chapter on faith till I became firmly francee that faith was the Law through which Spirit worked, and that nothing should be impossible to me when I thoroughly understood this law. And what does that imply?

If your gifts do not carry the love vibrations with them, they were better not made at all. You ask for a thought that will be helpful in overcoming a beUef in financial limitation. Card cover supoly spiral binding.

Our Invisible Supply: How to Obtain

If you are not the copyright holder or its agent and if the content is clearly infringing the copyright of a well-known work, please select “Infringes a well-known ,arimer from the dropdown menu. We found this book important for the readers who want to know more about our old treasure so we brought it back to the shelves.

Customers who laarimer this item also bought. Copyright Office website, http: Thanking you from my heart, I am a loving friend, F. I ouur see from what you say in your letter that you are striving hard to live a belief in abundance, but belief without absolute knowl- edge is apt to lead us into using freely that which we have in reality put a limitation upon, as you did in giving your bank account.

Well, since spirit and life are one and my thought is impelled by the one life urge, then is it so strange that thought is creative? In our every-day achievements we know that we do first unage everything we How to Obtain 77 do.

How to Obtain by Frances Larimer Warner. So do you not see that you are not to produce something, only come to your own? So now, my dear, do warnrr not see how and why we may be idle, or, rather, still on the outer plane?

Don’t have a Kindle? As an introduction to this little book, and explanatory of its purpose, I print immediately following this preface, three very appreciative letters from students. The man finishes his story — how goodi how finalf how it puts a new face on aU Unngs!