This page contains the US Army Field Manual on Combatives. ‘^FM FIELD MANUAL HEADQUARTERS No. DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY Washington, DC, 30 September COMBATIVES Contents Page . FM Without balance, the fighter has no stability with which to defend himself, nor does he t FM Combatives () – 1st Tactical Studies Group.

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It is also imperative that a fighter maintain control of his own balance when executing throws and takedowns. This file tm additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it.

A penetrating blow can also damage internal organs. English Choose a language for shopping.

The strike should be delivered with a small-impact weapon or the tip of the thumb to create high-level mental stunning and dysfunction of the affected arm. Instructors use the following safety measures: Pit Construction Attackers can execute attacks along multiple angles of attack in combinations.

A less powerful blow causes involuntary muscle spasms and intense pain. The primary 2-1150 talks himself through the demonstration. Make sure soldiers warmup and stretch 2-150 before practical work. The defender also follows up his first defensive maneuver by maintaining control of the attacker’s weapon arm, executing a sturming technique, and disarming the attacker.

It is imperative that all strikes to vital points and nerve motor points are delivered with this principle in mind. The jawbone acts as a lever that can transmit the force of a blow to the back of the brain where the cardiac and respiratory mechanisms are controlled.

US Army Combatives FM 21-150

Other than the side arm, the knife is the most lethal weapon in cm combat. He keeps his right heel and sole flat on the ground behind the left leg. The defender’s right hari d is then used to ride the attacking arm clear of his body Figure 21-1500, Step 2.


This technique does not rely on the defender’s speed, but on proper timing. The solar plexus is a center for nerves that control the cardiorespiratory system. The soldier will instinctively strike at openings anci become aggressive in his attack once he has learned to relax and has developed instinctive reflexes. Then, the buddy increases downward pressure on your thighs until stretch is felt Figure The soldier considers the same angles of attack and the proper response for any attack along each angle.

When an opponent grabs the defender by the collar cm by the lapel, the defender reaches up and grabs the opponent’s hand to prevent him from wit hdrawing it while stepping back to pull him 21-1550 balance [ FigureStep l. Types of Knife Attacks.

Head butts are also effective; do not forget them during medium-range combat. Kick as a Defense Against Punch.

Full text of “FM 21 Combatives “

Entry-level soldiers receive a training base in combative during basic training and in OSUT. FM FM a. Counter to roundhouse kick. Encourage after-duty training and education for instructors. Most units have at least one day a week when organized athletics are conducted for PT; this is a good time to train in hand-to-hand combat. The instructor gives the commands, dm the soldiers perform the movement.

He must continuously evaluate each moment in a fight to determine his advantages or options, as well as the enemy’s. FM 3 Standards. The relaxed position Figure gives the soldier a chance to rest during training. He retracts his knife from the armpit, continues his movement around the attacker, and slices his hamstring FigureStep 3. Knife-hand strike to radiai nerve. They will learn to execute 2-150 movements in a swift and continuous series during subsequent training.


At the same time, he moves his body off the line of attack.

If the facial nerve is pinched against the lower jaw, one side of the face will be paralyzed. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. The Achilles tendon is a good target to cut with a knife. Hand-to-hand fighting is a possibility in any conflict, and a basic proficiency in combative may save soldiers’ lives. This target is especially suitable for knee strikes and shin kicks. mf

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Incapacitation and unconsciousness can occur within three seconds; therefore, it is crucial for the defender to know rm possible counters to chokes. It is usually safe to move off the line of attack at a degree angle, either toward the opponent or away from him, whichever is appropriate. A powerful blow to the back of one’s neck can cause whiplash, concussion, or even a broken neck and death.

It is imperative therefore that the unarmed defender understand and use the following principles to survive: The butt stroke may be vertical, horizontal, or somewhere between the two planes. Vital Tkrgets He raises one arm to expose his entire side, places both hands on the ground, and bends both knees.

The defender counters by striking his opponent on the top of the forearm just below the elbow radial nerve Figure and uses a follow-up technique to disable his opponent.