2. C C Product. Submersible pump for pumping clean water, surface water and waste water containing solids or long-fibred material. Denomination. Dataplate. rpm. Max 40°C. YSER/Y//V. 26/51A. kWhp. Date: Flygt CS MT. Use our handy online form to submit details on your existing Flygt pump to get a Flygt C Submersible Pumps Range Flygt C LT Submersible.

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Product specifications | Flygt 3152 – Alaska Pump and Supply

Use an eyewash or running water. Note any damaged or missing items on the receipt and freight bill. Remove the impeller and the wear protections For the HS-version, also remove the wear protections.

Intended use The product is intended for moving waste water, sludge, raw and clean water. Drive in the new wear ring.

Place the pump on the base and make sure it cannot fall over or sink. Check that all valves open correctly.

Flygt – Alaska Pump and Supply |

When the pump is connected to the public power supply, it may cause flickering of incandescent lamps when started.

This includes any modification to the equipment or use of parts not provided by Xylem. Unscrew the four cap nuts and withdraw the lower wear protection from the pump housing. Flytt the pump to perform at maximum capacity, the impeller must be adjusted 3512. If the voltage exceeds this value, for example when the control circuit is tested, the thermistors will be destroyed.


There are signs of wear on the impeller, pump, and casing. The wear ring in the pump housing 1. Seek medical attention, if required.

Test the earth ground lead to verify that it is connected correctly. Condition-monitoring devices include but are not limited to these devices: Remove the upper wear protection. The drive unit is not receiving full voltage on all three phases. Cause Remedy The impeller rotates in the wrong direction.

For more information contact your Xylem representative. The self-holding function of the contactor malfunctions. Entrance cover O-ring For more information about the cable entry, see the Parts list.

Within the first year of operation.

Spare parts Xylem guarantees that spare parts will be available for 15 years after the manufacture of this product has been discontinued. In addition to the data plate, explosion-proof products also have either an EN or a FM approval plate.

When the clearance between the impeller 31552 ring rotating and pump housing wear ring stationary exceeds 2mm 0.

This is an example of a serial number, and an explanation of its parts.

Flygt 3000 Series / C Submersible Pumps

Check the functioning of the level regulators. Tighten the sleeve screws evenly until the wear protection is flush against the impeller. Always disconnect and lock out power before fflygt to prevent unexpected startup. For more information on how Xylem can help you, go to xyleminc.


They are connected in series in fltgt stator and activate the alarm at overtemperature. Use this safety equipment within the work area: The pipes and joints leak. If there is a question regarding the intended use of the equipment, please contact an Xylem representative before proceeding. Take all necessary measures to avoid over-pressurization. Disconnect and remove the drive unit end from the pump housing. Do not install the starter equipment in an explosive zone or in the sump.

Tightening torque, see Torque values page dlygt The unit is frost-proof while operating or immersed in liquid, but the impeller and the shaft seal may freeze if the unit is raised in a temperature below freezing. Unpack the unit 1. Check that the cables do not have any sharp bends fflygt are not pinched.

This applies to the control circuit as well. Connect the discharge pipe to the discharge connection. Adjust the lower wear protection For the HS version, the lower wear protection may need adjustment.

Replace all defective items. Polish off any flaws with a fine emery cloth.