Fantasy Wargaming has 37 ratings and 6 reviews. Ned said: This is an artifact from the early days of role-playing. The authors are British students who p. I’ve written quite a bit about Fantasy Wargaming, a book that was written by a circle of gamers in and around Cambridge University under the. Results 1 – 30 of 37 Fantasy Wargaming: The Highest Level of All by Bruce Galloway and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at.

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Social class, if very low or very high, may limit the choices — a 3 or 4 social class may only be a rural-dweller, for example.

Fantasy Wargaming by Bruce Galloway (, Hardcover) | eBay

As far as I know, the smaller one is exactly like the larger, just smaller. We introduced a whole street filled warhaming dwarves, simply so that we could have a statue placed at one end which was of Snow White. I think this is especially true of the next two chapters. And thank you for this amazing write-up of this obscurity. Microlite seems to encourage players to advocate for when they think an attribute should be added to their skill checks I may be reading that into it; maybe the intent is for GMs to always decide.

After rolling these stats, you roll for star sign and optionally apply modifiers for that there is no obvious balance among the modifiers, and some star signs affect social class! There is also a small section on what few house rules I will be using. It is wagraming interesting read but a basically unplayable RPG. Back in the day I missed the part about Runic sorcerers being Dark Ages only and High sorcerers being later eras.

Jan 15, Timothy Boyd rated it liked it.

It is interesting that with all the interest nowadays in finding a mass battle system to lay on top of an RPG campaign, this was so central to their ideas. So the next section deals with the pagan Norse religion in lines that mostly parallel the previous section, although with some changes in the order of presentation.


Fantasy Wargaming

On August 10, at 3: The afterlife is handled differently too, as there is no Norse Purgatory and the circumstances of death matter more in battle, at sea, etc. This is somewhat problematic as several spells wargsming commands could be cast with that link, so we always played that the DD of the first spell was what we used to determine the mana cost.

These days, though, my tastes have changed—from less historical to more pulp. If a GM feels a character is not being played well, he may use these rules to compel the character to succumb to temptations.

Fantasy Wargaming – Wikipedia

Sep 16, Robert A. This gives a -1 to all luck rolls in FW. Unfortunately, this was compounded with the ability to get galooway wrong end of the stick. Thanks for this wonderful summary of Fantasy Wargaming! This is the famtasy section whose authorship I have been able to confirm — Nick Lowe —, although I have not been pursuing the other copyright holders so far, as Nick Lowe has provided so much information.

Here is some more from Kevin, after I followed up with my hopes the Leigh Cliffs notes might somehow survive: His lack of knowledge of all things technical was astonishing.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. That would make it a lot easier to make a viable character, and also give players the option to make something like the character they want to play. I was prompted fantast dig out my old digest copy of FW a few weeks ago, bought the full sized version last week, and read it cover-to-cover twice since then.


As one of our nasty ffantasy, we gave him the only psychic talent in the whole story. Players are more likely to fight two-headed lions than orcs. Damn this is some great stuff. Fqntasy am not a professional book grader, but I believe this item to be in very good condition. Jan 16, William Sariego rated it liked it. John Fiala July 22, at 4: He will keep this distinction only with reference to piety calculations later.

I can imagine allowing the spirits to appear before followers, and entreating them to perform masses, ceremonies, or even sacrifices to grant some mana to the spirit! I would similarly require players to advocate gxlloway the bonuses they believe thy are entitled to on spell casting and appeal rolls which would inject the FW flavor of correspondences and areas of favor but keep it simple. Wargwming Religion Prophets should be mocked.

My own Norse magic itemswhich I presented here some time back, reflects this complete lack of fanyasy as to what a magical item might do.

More attention is paid to the undead, and to elves, dwarfs, and trolls. Here is some more from Kevin, after I followed up with my hopes the Leigh Cliffs notes might somehow survive:. These too are explained in FW terms.

Fantasy Wargaming by Bruce Galloway (1982, Hardcover)

Morale has more luck involved so its not as if the battle is decided entirely by deployment. Fantasy Wargaming by Bruce GallowayHardcover 1 product rating 4.

I’m doing my part. The items covered pretty much confirm that the setting is really England. The monsters are taken from legends, period bestiaries, and heraldry.