The Scroll of Swallowed Darkness is a parody sourcebook for Exalted Second Edition. It was released for April Fool’s Day A ExXxalted – Scroll of Swallowed Darkness – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text White Wolf and Exalted are registered trademarks of CCP hf. and one printed. White Wolf made a joke product called ExXxalted: Scroll of Swallowed Darkness (a porn setting for Exalted) for april first. There is two versions.

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In 1e he had the Paragon Nature and high Virtues, favoring Temperance with a variation of Ascetic Drive that caused him to retreat from the world. I’m curious how they would interact with the influence system.

I supported becauseā€¦ “my OCD won’t let me have a gap in my support badges. With the Solars gone and the Unconquered Sun dead, all the same shit happened, but the reason the Great Contagion didn’t wipe everyone out is because there was one renegade Solar and one renegade Sidereal traveling Creation undermining the Deathlords at every darknesss.

Being bound to act a certain way because of my nature and having the very thing that made me great be my deepest flaw was the thing I liked best about Exalted. Splats usually refer to supplements that let you play a specific character type, such as Sidereals or Dragonblooded.


If so, this could be a huge improvement. A flaw he can’t overcome. On the plus side, the damage it deals is not equal to the damage it prevented, so you can survive hundred-damage combos with itthe second doesn’t even deal damage, it just says that the effect you’ve been postponing happens. Exxxaltef agree with this guy. Will the 3E still contain the promised frankensteain liminal I think and minor god exalted along with the tradition flavors or are these being axed out in favor of finaly geting it done?

Okay, I agree with no Defence, as the weapon is not actually involved in the action.

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Advanced search Text to find Subject [? I remembered Crane Style, though. What were some memorable ones that stick out in your mind? Well, the plot definitely but not necessarily the place at least, not as a separate thing from the plot.

Sure, an Eclipse can swalloded Dragonblooded’s most awesome shtick in the War tree. I want to murder this group. It’s a much more compelling story for PCs to go forth and conquer based on their own merits, rather than the backing of a supernatural macguffin.

Exxxalted: Scroll of Swallowed Darkness | RPG Item | RPGGeek

One of them is more secure but commits motes. Leave empty for any user name.

Getimians and Liminals don’t interest sctoll at all yet, but they sound like they could be interesting once they’re more fleshed out. They’re not the same thing? Quadriplegic amputee with moonsilver prosthetics might actually make a cool character.


Of course it did. You can edit this page to create it. We go save another world, while respectfully requesting the assistance of these overpowered asses.

/tg/ – Traditional Games

C Escape without dying? I’ll check that out. That and the Lunar cold war. That doesn’t seem to be the case now. The character would be keen to support his House in whatever ways would not betray his still-existant links to the members that support him, but would not actually be able to directly support their House’s shadowy struggle against the other Houses.

It just takes them less investment to get to a very good point with it. It’d make the lunar tell a little redundant, though. A lot of the systems look fun, in any event. Then you can sketch up some plothooks and give him a choice. But this is 4chan, so I believe the appropriate response is to call you a shill.