Extracting the Stone of Madness: Poems – by Alejandra Pizarnik Alejandra Pizarnik, La extracción de la piedra de la locura y otros poemas. 4 likes. Revered by the likes of Octavio Paz and Roberto Bolano, Alejandra Pizarnik is still Por cómo acabó, la poesía no le sirvió para extraer su piedra de la locura . Aportes para la extracción de la piedra de la locura: vida y obra de Alejandra Pizarnik ; Deseo y destino: contribuciones para un psicoanálisis de la.

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Basically I feel I have never read a book of poetry nor a book containing any words whatsoever that are put together as beautifully and hauntingly gorgeous as Pizarnik has.

Be a refuge for little dead girls. XIX Dazzling of day, yellow birds in the morning. It is music, it is death what I wanted to say in variegated nights like the colors of the forest. They are listening to the place for the purpose of listening.

Black water, animal of forgetfulness. Let the wall fall down.

Extracting the Stone of Madness: Poems – by Alejandra Pizarnik

It falls down from itself and hides its ancient shadow. Trivia About Extracting the St They are cawing through you. XVI My endless falling into my endless falling where nobody waited for me —because when I saw who was waiting for me I saw no one but myself.


It felt like the Ecclesiastes: Even if the poem here, now has no meaning, it has no fate. The compulsion to head for the “bottom” or “abyss” points to her desire to piedda to nothingness in an ultimate experience of ecstasy and poetic fulfillment in which life and art would be fused, albeit at her own risk.

I would have wanted more than this and, at the same time, nothing. Lists with This Book. I would like to see the bottom of the river, I would like to see if that thing opens, if it bursts and blooms at my side, and it will or will not come, but I can sense its struggle. Things have jagged borders, luxurious vegetation.

Ruins pa a forgotten temple. I can think that maybe it is only death. What can be said of her poems? I wished for a perfect silence. III Like a girl made of pink chalk on a very old wall that is suddenly washed away by the rain.

Extracting the Stone of Madness: Poems 1962 – 1972

And so close, this knowledge of want. Death is a word. A night alejanrda in memory of one flight Knocking on the tomb. Imposing landscapes for the most faithful infancy.

Want to Read saving…. You drawn on a white wall the allegories of rest, and it is always a crazed queen lying under the moon pizanrik the sad lawn of an old garden.

Where is true death? To return to the memory of the body, I have to return to my mourning bones, I have to understand what my voice is saying.


Extracting the Stone of Madness Quotes by Alejandra Pizarnik

The one who could not go on any ds and asked for flames and we burned up. Alas, like it seems to be with my favorite poets these days, this one is no longer around to produce more poetry but take comfort in what I have that she wrote. What landscapes were made and unmade behind the landscape in whose middle was a picture where a lady in the painting plays a lute and sings by the river? A year out from her seconal overdose, Pizarnik cuts all the bullshit, as though asking, ‘You want alejabdra show?

Invisible people of oldest memory. IX To fall like a wounded animal in a place that was meant to be for revelations.

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Thrown back towards recurrence, cover me up with a lilac shroud. You carry yourself and carry yourself over. If it were possible to celebrate.