Exhortación apostólica Evangelii nuntiandi de S.S. Paulo VI acerca de la evangelización del mundo contemporaneo. by Catholic Church. Pope ( EN, Evangelii Nuntiandi (On Evangelism in the Modern World) La exhortacion apostolica Evangelii nuntiandi () no menciona la ciudad, pero se refiere a. Results 31 – 60 of 81 Evangelii Nuntiandi: On Evangelization in the Modern World and a great Exhortacion Apostolica de su Santidad Pablo VI Evangelii.

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Paul called “blushing for the Gospel”[] – or as a result of false ideas we fail to preach it?

This mandate is not accomplished without dxhortacin, and still less against her. En la exhortacion apostolica Evangelii Nuntiandidirigida a los catolicos y no a todos los hombres de buena voluntad, Francisco retoma el hilo con Vaticano II, un concilio que quiso poner al dia a la Iglesia en consonancia evangeloi los nuevos tiempos.

This is the desire that we rejoice to entrust exhrotacin the hands and the heart of the Immaculate Blessed Virgin Mary, on this day which is especially consecrated to her and which is also the tenth anniversary of the close of the Second Vatican Council. We say to all of them: The transposition has to be done with the discernment, seriousness, respect and competence which the matter calls for in the field of liturgical expression,[92] and in the areas of catechesis, theological formulation, secondary ecclesial structures, and ministries.

The second sphere is that of those who do not practice. This is how the Lord wanted His Church to be: We earnestly desire that in each individual Church the bishops should be vigilant concerning the adequate formation of all the ministers of the Word.

Why are they like this? AAS 58pp.

In the long run, is there any other way of handing on the Gospel than by transmitting to another person one’s personal experience of faith? In this same modern world, on the other hand, and this is a paradox, one cannot deny the existence of real steppingstones to Christianity, and of evangelical values at least in the form of nunfiandi sense of emptiness or nostalgia.


exhoftacin Evangelization loses much of its force and effectiveness if it does not take into consideration the actual people to whom it is addresses, if it does not use their language, their exhortscin and symbols, if it does not answer the questions they ask, and if it does not have an impact on their concrete life.

What we have evangslii recalled comes out more than once in the Synod debates. Conciliorum Oecumenicorum Decretaed. Even in the face of natural religious expressions most worthy of esteem, the Church finds support in the fact that the religion of Jesus, which she proclaims through evangelization, objectively places man in relation with the plan of God, with His living presence and with His action; she thus causes an encounter with the mystery of divine paternity that bends over towards humanity.

It also includes other realities which are open to evangelization, such as human love, the family, the education of children and adolescents, professional work, suffering.

Evangelii Nuntiandi (December 8, ) | Paul VI

The respectful a;ostlica of Christ and His kingdom is more than the evangelizer’s right; it is his duty. In fact there are innumerable events in life and human situations which offer the opportunity for a discreet but incisive statement of what the Lord has to say in this or that particular circumstance. In the celebration of the liturgy, evangellii their witness before judges and executioners and in their apologetical texts, the first Christians readily expressed their deep faith in the Church by describing her as being spread throughout the universe.

First, we would point out in the pages of the Gospel the insistence with which the Lord entrusts to the apostles the task of proclaiming the Word. This faith is nearly always today exposed to secularism, even to militant atheism. For this reason, side by side with the collective proclamation of the Gospel, the other form of transmission, the person-to-person one, remains valid and important.

Evangelii Nuntiandi – How is Evangelii Nuntiandi abbreviated?

The Church cannot accept violence, especially the force of arms- which is uncontrollable once it is let loose- and indiscriminate death as the path to liberation, because she knows that violence always provokes violence and irresistibly engenders new forms of oppression and enslavement which are often harder to bear than those from which they claimed to bring freedom. The Second Vatican Council recalled[42] and the Synod vigorously took up again this theme of the Church which is evangelized by constant conversion and renewal, in order to evangelize the world with credibility.


They feel with it and suffer very deeply within themselves when, in the name of theories which they do not understand, they are forced to accept a Church deprived of this universality, a regionalist Church, with no horizon. A serious preparation is needed for all workers for evangelization. Of course it is necessary to know and put to good use the exigencies and the possibilities of the homily, so that it can acquire all its pastoral effectiveness.

Through the Holy Spirit the Gospel penetrates to the heart of the world, for it is He who causes people to discern the signs of the times- signs willed by God- which evangelization reveals and puts to use within history. The Church remains in the world when the Lord of glory returns to the Father.

Evangelii Nuntiandi

She exists in order to evangelize, that is to say, in order to preach and teach, to be the channel of the gift of grace, to reconcile sinners with God, and to perpetuate Christ’s sacrifice in the Mass, nuntiaandi is the memorial of His death and glorious resurrection. The Council repeats the following expression of St.

It does not permit either indifference, syncretism or accommodation.

New forms of atheism seem to flow from it: It must not happen that the pressing need to proclaim the Good News to the multitudes should cause us to forget this form of proclamation whereby an individual’s personal conscience is reached and touched by an entirely unique word that he receives from nuntiani else.