THE WILEY EVENT MANAGEMENT SERIES The complete guide to event risk management, safety, and security Practical strategies and resources for any size . Event Risk Management and Safety Peter E. Tarlow, Ph.D. JOHN WILEY & SONS , INC. fm 6/5/02 PM Page vi fm 6/5/02 PM Page i Event. With any event comes risk — from rowdy guests at a festival or convention to a life -threatening riot at a sports event. Event Risk Management.

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He has pro- vided excellent advice and counsel for the United States federal government Bureau of Reclamation, Department of the Interior, and for police departments and universities throughout the United States and other countries. Although I wrote this book from an American perspective, I designed it in such a way that it will be valuable to readers across the world.

Event Risk Management and Safety

Will that the wedding will begin? During the last century, all forms of event participation have grown from an activity of the well-to-do to a part of everyday life. When- ever we go to a fair or a concert, a sports event, or a business con- vention, even are e.tzrlow of the events industry. How does one deal with the risks involved when a tourism or leisure event takes on a politi- cal tone? In the United States, small communities such as Seaside, Oregon, and large cities such as Los Angeles, California, have both suffered from ri- ots.

The actual degree of risk involved, then, depends on risk formulas that examine the probability of adverse effects occurring, the direct result of the threats, and the extent to which the venue or activity will be affected by the threats. How easily are telephones accessed and are there emergency numbers that do not need coins?


The better the eye contact, the more people are willing to share information. Who is participating in the concert? Risk man- agers, however, can work hard to make staff sensitive to the issue and to factor in the fact that alcohol can lead to a decrease in in- hibitions and an increase in sexual harassment problems.

Human threats have certain common characteristics, including those depicted in Figure 2. What type of public are you serving?

She also took the time to read every word of the manuscript and to critique it from the perspective of a managejent student. Visi- tors report that they feel more comfortable when they know that an area is well patrolled. Is the information conveyed from direct observation, from empirical or factual sources, or from intuitive sources? How much support is the administration willing to provide the risk management team? Society honors tough-minded men and When a woman is tough-minded, she is calls them stern taskmasters.

Finally, you must implement employee and volunteer education and training. Although Manning would prefer that fraternities and sororities eliminate alcohol altogether, she, like other university officials, re- alizes that this goal may tisk unachievable.

At these trade fairs, there is a great deal of merchandise available to the public. What are your strengths and weaknesses? In phase 4, the person becomes dependent on alcohol to the extent that he or she needs it to function at all in daily life.

Weddings ought to be both simple anv almost risk free. A gisk is not always the same smile. Did the FBI merely arrest the wrong man, or was this false safery a means to calm the public and thus encourage the public to return to the Olympic stadium? Event managers often fail to give themselves enough time to think through all the details that events require.

When liquor is mixed into a situation where both sexes are present, people are away from home, and event attendees may not know each other or have the idea that they will never see the other party again, the probability of sexual verbal abuse increases greatly. To be effective in developing an event security risk management program, we first need to understand the challenge of security and safety.


Parties that are open to the public.

This publication is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information in regard to the subject matter covered. If the person is telling you about a food problem but there is always a stranger in the story, are you getting a message that is different from what the initial story may have been? For example, in Brazil the intoxicated person goes to jail rather than the bartender or event manager.

This book provides assistance to event organizers, managers, and planners to reduce, in some cases eliminate, these types of losses.

Olympic World Library – Event risk management and safety / Peter E. Tarlow

To whom can you, as the event e.garlow manager, turn, should you need help. Now, as- sume that a famous movie star from this community is returning to appear at the celebration. The fans threw bottles and chairs onto the field, sending panicked spectators run- ning to the exits where they found the gates ahd be locked. Risks to the events and tourism industries may come in many forms.

First, a pro- gram that desires to create a safe and visitor-friendly ambiance must offer good planning. Review the description of conflict theory found in Chapter 1 and ask your- self what does each group want before, during, and after the event.