Compartimos dos videos de escalada en boulder de La Pedriza, uno de los La Pedriza es un parque natural situado en la vertiente sur de la. La Pedriza: guía de escalada deportiva: vías [Luis Santamaría Navarrete] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Compact climbing guide for the granite of La Pedriza pages. Language: Spanish 3rd Edition L. S. Navarrete Ediciones Desnivel Area: huge climbing.

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Downloads Brochures Sheets Tracks Legal papers. We use Google Analytics to collect anonymous statistical information such as the number of visitors to our site. By using our website, you agree to our use of cookies. In case you noticed any damaged anchor, would you please let it know to the Park staff, to repair it as soon as possible.

La Maliciosa holds more than sixty classic climbing trails, some of great verticality excalada which length are interrupted by shelves.

UKC Logbook – Guía de Escalada de La Pedriza

If you detect any nest, do not climb the trail and let the park staff know about it. For extreme ice and snow climbing, be extremely cautious and avoid the central hours of escalara days to prevent accidents due to ice detachments.

Under appropriate winter time conditions, it is also possible to climb its southern slope in corridors with snow and ice.

On the other hand, some of the climbing areas located in critical areas for conservation have been completely unequipped. Cookies can be themselves or others. La Encina, Los Asientos and Los Porrones, although they are less interesting due to their short length and small unevenness. On the occasion of this project, old equipment was renewed in every trail, trying to keep the particularities of climbing itineraries and recovering the spirit they were open with.


These summits are high mountain terrain and there may occur unexpected changes due to the effect of ice and snow on the rock. Follow relevant regulations in each area and pay special attention to bird breeding seasons. Therefore, to preserve these unique natural sites of Madrid, it is not permitted to climb the “Pared de la Presa”.

In general, from January to July, in areas known as hosting raptor bird nests, it is not permitted to climb walls or to walk at their bottom. When not possible, go through the rock screes.

Use recommended access trails. In areas known as hosting raptor bird nests, it is not permitted to climb walls or to walk at their bottom. Rock climbing is carried out punctually on the Segovian slope of the Sierra de Guadarrama. Almost all climbing itineraries are open on gneiss outcrops.

If there is no equipment, crackers and friends can be used. Brushing the lichen and mossy trails with physical or chemical means is not allowed. If you are going to bivouac, do not make stone parapets or ditches which would alter natural environment. Main climbing sections Escalads Recommendations Main climbing sections There are hundreds of walls in the National Park in which to practice all modalities of climbing.

This is a National Park area in which the number of classic and alpine-style trails is greater than the one of sport climbing trails. Do not forget that you are staying in one of the most special and critical areas lw the Guadarrama, where preservation has priority on any other activity.


La Pedriza Escalada Deportiva

In order to provide you with the best online experience this website uses cookies. Do not oppose your personal interests to those of the conservation of natural environment, since the Sierra de Guadarrama is under heavy pressure due to the great number of visitors.

In rappels, go down secured with Prusik or Shunt at all times. Since the beginning of mountaineering, the Sierra de Guadarrama has become one of the most important climbing sites in the peninsular center, where most of the best mountaineers and climbers from Madrid area have been trained. There are hundreds of walls in the National Park in which to practice all modalities of climbing.

This is a look on main areas, most practiced modalities, specific regulations and, of course, it suggests a good practice code the great majority of climbers already takes into account. Walls, escarpments and crags give shape to many sites where to train all climbing modalities.

La Pedriza is one of the most important grip climbing areas in the world. Many trails are already secured.

Rock climbing

Other smaller cliffs in the surrounding area and lower slopes are suitable: Points of interest Before coming Contact. All of this is to improve our services.

The multitude of granite domes, cracks, walls, downfalls etc.

A summary on main climbing zones or sections is listed below:. For your safety, use safety hooks in descents and rappels.