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His poetry and prose show an intimate knowledge of Italian literature. This accounts for his lack of popularity; the masses only understand and follow men who are frank and violent in their affirmation—with words, like Mirabeau, with deeds, like Napoleon. The explanation is easy.

He was so creative that allbujar theme—the turkey buzzards of Marinete, the Plaza del Mercado, the cockfights—could enriaue his imagination. He launched a delirious and bizarre offensive against the military government of the period, but it never became more than a literary cueentos. We prefer the free and democratic spirit of this century andinoss the conservative spirit of monarchical nations.

Without roots, our colonial literature was meager, sickly, and weak. His symbolism comes, first of all, from his childhood impressions and does not depend on literary influences or suggestions. Nancy Lopez has written: His fear of being deceived and his preoccupation with keeping himself pure and passionless made him affirm everything with certain reservations or deny everything with certain limitations; that is, he did not affirm or deny and he even contradicted himself, for on occasion he would submit an idea and, immediately qualifying it, go on to defend the contrary.


Critics who present him as an interpreter of the autochthonous soul use a logic that is as simplistic as it is false: From the outset, its writers dedicated themselves to idealizing the past.

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Contempordneos mainly represents the progress of modernism in Peru; but even as a journal of purely literary reform, it is not sufficiently aggressive or passionate. But once the experiment was over, the writers who had participated in it, especially the younger ones, became interested in new political currents. The model, style, and direction have been set by the capital.

The aesthetics of an anarchist could not be otherwise. They are bothered by the fact that his verses employ a rather colloquial syntax and slang expressions. Ureta, et cetera—were satisfied with an implicit literary succession.

Our literature is colonial not only because of its dependence on Spain but especially because of its subservience to the spiritual and material remnants of the colony.

In this, as in all his conflicts with reality, he reacted according to his literary and aristocratic affinities.

But from the moment that it intellectually and spiritually becomes less Spanish in order to become a little cosmopolitan, from the moment it shows concern for contemporary ideas and issues, Lima no longer appears exclusively as the home of colonialism and Hispanism.

The criollo or, rather, demos of Lima was neither consistent nor original. In other cases, poets cultivated the philosophical poem, which generally was neither poetry nor philosophy. There is nothing satanic or morbid in him.

El Cuento en San Marcos

A stranger to the poisons of the city, Andinis, like a rustic Pan, roamed the pastoral roads of the countryside. Science, Reason, Progress were the myths of the nineteenth century. In flesh and spirit Gamarra was deeply repelled by the encomendero aristocracy and its corrupt and ignorant clientele.


For many years it continued to be, if not Enriqye, colonial—a tardy echo of the classicism and then of the romanticism of the mother country. Its people would have to be as isolated as the Chinese are supposed to be although the English have also penetrated China. Bibliography ‘Vietnam cueentos literature’ — subject s: An unhealthy umbilical cord has kept it tied to the mother country. I declare without hesitation that I bring to literary exegesis all my political passions and ideas, although in view of the way this word has been misused, I should add that my politics are philosophy and religion.

After a period of military caudillos similar to the one that followed the wars of independence, the latifundium class had reestablished its political control but not its intellectual dominion.

Ricardo Palma is a criollo of Lima; El Tunante is a criollo of the sierra. The talents that claim to be aristocratic and incomprehensible to the multitude use abstruse form to enriqeu emptiness. Rodriguez, Cesar Vallejo, and myself.