A free short and quick test / quiz to determine your dominant Enneagram personality type and wing in each of the three centers (aka Tritype with wings). Güçlü Yönleri Geliştirmesi Gereken Yönleri. İçten motivasyonlu Aşırı rekabetçi. Üretken İşkolik. Sonuç odaklı İmaj düşkünü. Çalışkan Kendi. gender. , male, female. contact | info.

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You may skip questions that really do not apply to you — but do not skip questions just because they are hard to answer.

The FAST Enneagram Test

I’m there for people, but I’d rather they didn’t depend on me. I often feel confident about my conclusions. The key to my success is my high energy and motivation. People tend to need my caring attention. It is available online at www. Would you like to be notified when the more accurate test is ready? To accurately assess your Enneagram type, we recommend that you take the complete version of the RHETI Enneagram Test so that you will have access to as much information about yourself and your type as possible.

Seeing others succeed makes me happy for them. Occasionally there will be questions that ask you to make a close call between two choices. I want to stand out as exceptional among my peers. Sampler completed Jump to Start.


We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the results of the personality analysis produced by this short personality quiz — only that it can help you begin your journey of self-discovery! People tell me I should be less rigid and self-controlling.

I frequently doubt my own mind. I don’t need to act on that knowledge. I often get lost in my feelings. I want to be seen as successful and high-achieving. I often feel the need to immediately take action when I have a great idea. This test only has 36 questions.

I love learning new things that I can immediately use to improve a situation. I want most to be seen as successful. Your job is to now read about these 3 types.

It’s easy to get over-stimulated by too much excitement. I like to stay busy with lots of stimulating activities. At the end of the Sampler, click on the Score Test button, and wait for the computer to generate a personality profile of your scores.

To confirm which type you might be, ennfagram the type descriptions in the Riso-Hudson best-selling books, The Wisdom of the Enneagram and Personality Types — the two most complete and in-depth books in the Enneagram field.

The Enneagram Institute

I can be slow to put my insights into action. I don’t hesitate to confront someone when it’s necessary. I’m uncomfortable with confrontation and avoid conflict when I can.


I make decisions with boldness and confidence. Others should enbeagram what’s right. Short personality quizzes such as the RHETI Sampler cannot guarantee that your basic personality type will be indicated, although your type will most likely be one of the top three scores in this free quiz. Do not over-analyze the questions, or try to think of “exceptions to the rule. I tend to focus more on others’ feelings than my own. Just take this simple 5-minute enneagram test below.

Where do you want us to email your results? I tend to focus more on others’ needs than my own. I prefer to keep my emotions to myself and to focus on my studies. It’s important to build up a system of mutual support. Pursuing my personal interests has been more important to me than having comfort and security.

Having comfort and security has been tseti important to me than pursuing my personal interests.

I’m ok with feeling painful and difficult emotions.