Ellen Dissanayake, University of Washington, School of Music, Department Member. Studies Evolutionary Origins and Functions of the Arts, Mother-infant. Ellen Dissanayake, an independent scholar, has written three books on art, most recently, Art and Intimacy: How the Arts Began. Her previous book, Homo. ELLEN DISSANAYAKE. University of Washington. When contemporary philosophers of art make the radical and rather astonishing statement that art has existed.

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The risk paid off. But behaviour is to some extent ephemeral—except of course insofar wllen it can be shown to be either instinctive or innate.

What Is Art For?

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The book has been favorably reviewed by Denis Dutton in who states that it “calls for a counter-revolution in our thinking about art. She drinks tea, lives frugally and favors public transportation.

University of Washington Press – Books – What Is Art For?

My generation of artists and art professionals is convinced that everything in life is relative and meaning is illusory. Bodies swayed to music: It became a necessity. It combines breadth of learning with lucidity of thought and expression, in a way that should engage the interest of anyone with a systematic interest in the arts-be it scientific, or from the viewpoint of the humanities.


There is an authentic-biologically given, and not enirely culturally constructed-human nature which underlies art and other aspects of our lives, and we ignore it at our peril-either for survival or for our understanding of art. As a young woman in the s, Ellen Dissanayake worked as a secretary to put her husband through graduate school. The Nature of Craft and the Penland Experience.

She’s known for the breadth and depth of her evidence, and the examples in Homo Aestheticus are typical. She began airing her ideas in a few scholarly journals in the late s, to startling effect.

The arts are more than aesthetics: What Is Art Good For? Darwin Meets Literary Theory.

Ellen Dissanayake – The Evolution Institute

Scuola dell Infanzia Webmagazine. Ellen Dissanayake’s Evolutionary Aesthetic.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Her face peeks out from behind a parted curtain of brown bobbed hair.

Firenze University Press Publication Date: But even within a more static style of art, your expectations are surprised. It’s that kind of vigor and audacity that has attracted admirers throughout North America and Europe, where she’s often asked to speak at conferences, symposia and art museums.

Dssanayake Carroll – – Human Nature 6 2: You create a bowl out of mud but you don’t leave it ordinary, you make it special by engraving a pattern or figures on it. This is what all artists do.

Philosophy and Literature 38 1A Special Issuepp. An article about the Sri Lankan textile designer, Barbara Sansoni, and her contributions to handloom weaving as an apt occupation for village girls and a Musicae Scientiae Special issue pp.

Ellen Dissanayake

During the s she and her first husband, Dsisanayake, lived in Washington, D. Charles Russellpp. It is claimed that art experiences are physically pleasurable, and distinctively so because one appreciates how the creators of art have shaped the raw materials. Fundamental Biological Elements of a Naturalistic Aesthetics more.


She defined art as a behavior and came up with a two-word phrase that captured the activity in its idssanayake permutations: Darwin meets literary theory more. Questions that I address include: The music education program has proven to be a nurturing home, providing her with library privileges, a fertile intellectual environment and the institutional affiliation that can be useful in placing articles and securing speaking engagements.

The article describes the formation and activities disasnayake a group of midth-century painters in Sri Lanka formerly Ceylon fromwho introduced European modernism without that label to Ceylon, amalgamating “modern art” with Nearly a half-century after she began asking those questions, Dissanayake, an affiliate professor in the University of Washington’s School of Dissanaykae, is still trying to answer them.

Paperback Subject Listing: Whether its repetition of footsteps as in dance or beats as in music or repeating a motif that is part of an artwork, either in space or time. The next thing is that oxytocin also suppresses cortisol, which is the stress hormone.

What is art for?