Sergio and I launched El Corno Emplumado in January Its very first issue included original work by such luminaries as Nicaraguan poet/priest Ernesto. A few of many were: La Cultura en México, Diálogos, El Rehilete, and among them, El Corno Emplumado / The Plumed Horn, edited by Mexican poet, Sergio. In , Sergio Mondragon and Margaret Randall, an expatriate American in Mexico City, founded El Corno Emplumado/The Plumed Horn (“the jazz horn of the.

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Many letters gave news of deeply rooted struggles for justice. This mix of the indigenous, a fragile line between the real and surreal, and an inborn ability to suspend disbelief, gave birth to a writing style that some years later, when Latin American literature experienced The Boom, would be called Magic Realism. Art was emplumaso supposed to reflect so-called political concerns.

Bookstores ordered the journal, but in emplumadl cases delayed paying their bills. I know my own concept of what constitutes a good poem is also much more inclusive.

But Mexico broadened my perspective. In order to create your own Itineraries or comment you have to register.

Now, instead of our trying to convince people we were serious about producing a literary journal, they began to We begin our second year! Some important books were condemned in the courts or by the US Customs Service, and banned as pornographic.

I live alone in the woods and have as far as feasible for me copped out of the monastic institution. To cut costs, with El Corno 5 we experimented with a different quality paper.


I know these pressures exist, and certainly I feel as strongly as any about Viet Nam or the incredible USA Machine, but [politics] has absolutely no place in poetry or art of any kind, no didactic cant does.

Each of us continued to publish the work he or she favored, and each favored work of quality. This year marks the 50 th anniversary of the student movement. A Voice of the Sixties. Of course I could have continued to live and learn in New York City, and my work would have developed well, albeit differently. The journal had an abrupt ending due to the repression suffered by the editors who protested against the violent actions in Tlatelolco. Su cuenta de Twitter es yspora.

El corno emplumado = The plumed horn

In Mexico I literally saved myself from the poetic tedium Emplumwdo might have inherited had I majored in literature at a US university or tried to insert myself em;lumado an institutional setting in my country of origin. El reboot de la historia. Silence was rewarded, truth unacceptable. Speaking of the journal, he describes one way in which it also informed his own work:. Although protesting against the Vietnam War or against the military expansionism of the Unites States in Latin America, doing it against the Mexican government meant the loss of the federal subsidies.

Publishing, whether books, anthologies or magazines, rewarded that which was safe. Senator McCarthy himself had been discredited, but his influence lived on.

Through the journal, subversive and critical ideas could reach other places. Every day one of us stopped at the post office where we rented a box that invariably held surprises. Towards the end of the s, North American, Mexican and South American Poets were migrating out of their countries due to the political persecution that had been initiated by communist paranoia in the years empllumado the Second World War, which saw the beginning of a new global tension: Much better than any former issue, I ep.


Through the journal the reader had access to political poetry that sprang from different regions of the American continent, this poetry and the journal itself tried to renew the hope for justice in a time when inflexible, antidemocratic and dictatorial governments were at its peak. Who can say why we came together, grabbed cogno moment, and conro so explicitly to our conviction that birthing a bilingual poetry magazine was urgent and possible.

El Corno Emplumado / The Plumed Horn: poetry, life and resistance

In Mexico, many prestigious writers supported the journal. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! It brought together creative people from a dozen countries. Right away I wondered about its name: Such was the case with Susan Sherman.

When we met, he was already beginning emplumaso project a unique voice. It was finally forced to cease publication when I went underground in The following is a fragment: And Mexican governmental agencies Bellas Artes, the Presidency, the Secretary of Education gave generously to artistic projects.

We translated as much of it as we emplukado, or commissioned translations from others.