Eknath Easwaran (December 17, – October 26, ) was an Indian-born spiritual Easwaran’s translations of the Bhagavad Gita, the Upanishads, and the Dhammapada (see article) have been critically acclaimed. Religion scholar. Essence of the Upanishads is a translation and commentary on the Katha Upanishad, an ancient Indian scripture. Written by Eknath Easwaran, the book was. Easwaran’s best-selling translation of the ancient wisdom texts called the Upanishads is reliable, readable, and the Upanishads, illumined sages.

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The presence of talking animals and lore-filled tales have their place. In Essence of the DhammapadaEaswaran comments on the Dhammapada, sayings attributed to the Buddha himself, presenting it as a guide that gives straightforward teachings about spiritual perseverance, progress, and enlightenment. Jesse rated it it was amazing Jul 30, I go with friends to the theater; I am fond of Western and Indian classical music; I like to take the children to the ice cream parlor and the dogs to the beach for a run.

The talk referenced here is no longer available, but we’ll continue sharing other mp3 talks via the blog in I just wished the story that began in the first two lessons would have continued throughout the book. End of Sorrow [21] concentrates on the individual — how one can discover one’s innermost nature, and transform one’s life through self-realization, selfless service, and meditation.

The Upanishads

Eknath Easwaran is one of the twentieth century’s great spiritual teachers and an authentic guide to timeless wisdom. The goal of it seems to appear mostly as a contrast to our current state, and as a better way of living in this world, rather than taking us all the way to nirbikalpa samadhi and complete freedom from this world.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. From he gave classes on meditation in the San Francisco Bay Area. Awesome Sprituality and such a complex subject explained so well. Religion scholar Huston Smith is cited by the publisher as writing: Upanishads are such a fundamental required reading that in ancient India, children would dedicate a significant amount of their early life – years – before they set up to establish themselves in the world.


Archived copy as title Pages to import images to Wikidata. If he has, or if he has this experience, his writing would reach another level of excellence. Gordon Melton, Religious leaders of America: List of modern Eastern e,nath writers List of writers on Hinduism.

The bulk of it is a monologue by Death, rather along the lines of Krishna’s teachings in the Bhagavad Gita. Atman exists, the t Exceptionally simple!

The Upanishads are not the easiest works to understand. In this book, he fleshes out the text of one Upanishad, the Katha, to show us how its wisdom can be useful in our everyday lives. Lyrical, dramatic, and inspiring, the Katha Upanishad presents the core ideas of Indian mysticism in a mythic story all can relate to — the adventure of a young hero, Nachiketa, who passes into the king Through his interpretation of one important Upanishad, an ancient wisdom text, Eknath Easwaran shows how the timeless Indian tradition offers guidance on how to live today.

A variety of influences of Esswaran life and work have been documented.

IndiaUnited States. RadhakrishnanThe Principal Upanishadsp. Life is highest joy, and what happens after death 6. Niranjan 29 September I closed my eyes, and as I began to repeat the verses silently to myself, the words opened up and took me deep, deep in. Many of Easwaran’s recorded talks have been published in video and audio formats. Eknath Easwaran — is respected around the world as an authentic guide to timeless wisdom, and as the author of Passage Meditationeknatu brings universal truths into daily life.

Personally I think it is one of many methods, there are others, but personally meditation is what I use. The three volumes of the Bhagavad Gita for Daily Ekntah are conceived as handbooks for applying the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita to lives today. A Concise Introduction San Francisco: And the book “Essence of the Upanishads: My library Help Advanced Book Search.

In the s and s, Easwaran published a variety of commentaries on public events in prominent periodicals, especially the Christian Science Monitor[27] [28] [29] [30] [31] [32] [33] [34] [35] [36] and also in The New York Times[37] [38] elsewhere in the US, [39] and sknath. The edition is dedicated to “our teacher, Eknath Easwaran” p.


Essence of the Upanishads – Wikipedia

Of these two, it is well for him who takes hold of the good; but he who chooses the pleasant, fails of his aim. Outside of the US, Easwaran’s life e,nath teachings were profiled, along with those of a variety of other spiritual teachers, in a book published in India entitled Meditation Masters and their Insights. Often the search for meaning starts with a sense of restlessness that can carry us all over the earth.

The sages share flashes of insight, extraordinary visions, the results of their investigation into consciousness itself.

Eknath Easwaran

You might be wondering why I would rate such an epic collection of works, a basis for the Hindu and other South-Asian spiritual teachings, as a uppanishads vs a 5-star review????

This page was last edited on 14 Octoberat Retrieved 29 November Meditation is the vehicle we use to explore the depths of our mind, to take the light of consciousness deeper and deeper until the whole of the mind is illumined from surface to seabed.

His book Mantram Handbook: Want to Read saving…. Einath book is not necessarily structured in the same way but nonetheless the themes are definitely retained. Finding harmony with yourself, others, and the earth.

Hinduism portal Indian religions portal India portal Spirituality portal. Personally, Hinduism catches my attention, because it is the beginning of human spirituality.

Religion portal Spirituality portal Philosophy upanishavs. The Upanishads have puzzled and inspired wisdom seekers from Yeats to Schopenhauer. Preview — Essence of the Upanishads by Eknath Easwaran. As we explore our personalities and the factors we think make us “who we are,” meditation removes the illusions and reminds us how to live in the essence of our true Selves.

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