Join Lynne Truss on a hilarious tour through the rules of punctuation that is. When Eats, Shoots & Leaves came out, and people wanted to know the story. Eats, Shoots & Leaves has ratings and reviews. I have, for some reason, frequently been recommended Lynne Truss’s book, though the reason. After reading Lynne Truss’s Eats, Shoots & Leaves, Steven Poole concludes that punctuation should be a help, not a hindrance.

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However, there are plenty of other examples, some eat, some obscure, of how punctuation can affect a sentence and turn its meaning completely on its head.

And we’re afraid to ask anyone, lest we look like ignorant yobs. I learned my punctuation from my mom and copious reading. It went something like and I am the worst person at re-telling jokes, I always forget bits.

I yearn for you. But it’s not easy getting tone across in written words – or, rather, it kinda is isn’t that what writers accomplish all the time?

Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation by Lynne Truss

Take this little nugget from page I would have contributed. View all 5 comments. In fact I tend on the whole to often humorously correct such misspellings and incorrect uses of language procedures. As you can see from the title, the original meaning was that panda eats shoots and eqts, but someone misplaced one comma, and the result is drastically changed.

Couple that with her tedious recurrent references to her being single at at age 48 at time of pressher lack of stereotypical teenage fun “when other girls of my age were attending the Isle of Wight Festival and having abortions, I bought a copy of Eric Partridge’s Usage and Abusage “and her repeat references to the same stale jokes Sir Roger Casement “hanged on a comma” and you get a long, tiring read. Well, yes and no. Her case suffers from constant overstatement, perhaps exemplified by the joke about a panda to which the title is the punchline, which is too tedious to rehearse here but which depends on an entirely implausible punctuation mistake.


I’ll no doubt trusss back to it from time to time just to re-enjoy it.

Eats, Shoots & Leaves

I rather liked that too; a fleuron of sorts? Though there is also, of lynnd, much to recommend the humble comma: So say the MCPs.

Dec 02, Aaron rated it did not like it Shelves: Truss tries very hard to be funny, and she is often successful. But in many ways this book is for huge fans of punctuation.

Have enlisted for the corps. I am sharing this background so that when I say Truss explains all of the punctuation rules presented in her book you will know I mean really clear. For you I have no feelings whatsoever. But she maintains a sense of humor throughout: The Lord only knows how we were expected to learn proper punctuation and grammar.

But that’s all to be expected; I’m an English teacher, and people like me are supposed to read books like this. One minute the semicolon is gracefully joining sentences together in a flattering manner You see how this kind of thing is catching? Apple Audible downpour eMusic audiobooks.


Looking for More Great Reads? It turns out that we have a fairly good grip of how most punctuation marks should be used — however, most of us including established writers are unaware of the nuances.

Eats, Shoots & Leaves – Wikipedia

Yes, she is deadly serious about it. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. What does an Aussie bloke have in common with a lgnne Around the Year i They both eat, shoots and leaves. On being queried by the restaurant owner on his strange behaviour, the panda points to the dictionary entry on himself, which says: With more thancopies of her book in print in her native England, Lynne Truss is ready to rally the troops on this side of the pond with her rousing cry, Sticklers unite!

And I just can’t believe I never noticed that the movie Two Weeks Notice doesn’t have an apostrophe which I very nearly typed in myself just nowor that Who Framed Roger Rabbit doesn’t trusss a question mark. As someone who writes a fair bit half a million words on Goodreads aloneI know my way around a sentence.

It’s with that kind of word nerd superiority complex that I went into Lynne Truss’ short book on punctuation. You just shot my waiter and you didn’t pay for your sandwich! I can’t say I do the same with punctuation, but I totally agree with Truss’ personifications. You have ruined me for other men.